Week 15 - Test Week 1



Monday 04/09/18


6 Mins

Clock Lunge - No Weight/Weight

3 Broad Jumps


20 Mins

1RM Back Squat


1 KM Row Test


Big way to start the week with the Back Squat. Atmosphere is HUGE in this and I would love to see as many people down as possible and really get behind each other. Be confident with your squat, you have done the hard work, time under the bar and built the strength you need.

Our second test today is a 1KM row test. This, when done right, is a brutal test and is an amazing way to test both physical and mental capacity. Can you put yourself in a dark place for 4 mins? The key here is to not go out of the gates too hard and blow up. Focus on stroke rate and a smooth but strong pace all the way through. Men should be aiming for around 4.20-3.30 mins
and ladies should be aiming for around 4.50-4 mins. Go hard guys.


Tuesday 04/10/18


3 Rounds

2 Turkish Get Ups EA

3 Push Press EA

30 Sec Side Plank ES


20 Mins

1RM Push Press



20 min Amrap

5 Pull Ups

10 Press Ups

15 Squats


1RM Push press today and this is a chance to transfer some power we have created into a vertical press. Stay tight and explode out of the dip to make sure the power is relative.

Cindy is our capacity test for the week. We have 20 mins to complete as many round as possible.

Please focus on consisitency and pacing throughout the 20 mins and make sure that all reps are clean and with good range of motion. Do not short the reps on this.


Wednesday 04/11/18


3 Rounds

20 Lateral Lunges

10 Dead Bugs

Run 200m


Sale Sharks

6 x

30 sec on 30 sec off

Row for max meters


7 Min EMOM

7 Thrusters at 40/25

7 Box Jumps


Sale Sharks is dark..... it can be really dark..... make it that way. You should go 100% flat out on every single effort here.

The EMOM is really nice and will give you enough time to rest. It is a srpint workout so go as fast as you can each min. once you have finished the box jums rest the remainder of the time. You have to earn your rest.


Thursday 04/12/18


Barbell Warm Up

5 Front Squats

5 Power or Squat Clean

5 Jerks

Increase load over 3 sets


20 Mins

2 Clean + 1 Jerk


10 Min Amrap

60 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Front Squats @50/30

10 Pull Ups


Today you have a chance to find a max complex. Take your time with it and make each attempt count.

You can squat clean, power clean or hang clean dependant on your skill level at the moment. You can either push press, push jerk or split jerk and agin go on your skill level.

Remember we are looking for good form throughout rather than just muscling it up with no regard for form. Any reps that are pretty ugly, will not be counted!!!

This is a tough WOD today so pace your burpees and then go hard on the squats. They are not very heavy so can you go unbroken? That is the question. If not doing pull ups then please scale up to 15 Ring Rows


Friday 04/13/18


5 Rounds

50ft Bear Walk

50ft Lunge Walk


20 Mins

Max Rep Push Ups 3 Attempts

Rest 3 Mins after last attempt then

Max Rep Pull Ups 3 Attempts



3 Rounds

Run 400m

21 KB swings

12 Pull Ups


Today you have push ups and pull up to test.

For the push ups please focus on a tight midline all the way. Once this goes that is when you stop. If you cannot complete a full press up then scale to a box press up or bar press up where you can reach full range of motion (chest to box or bar). Then when we re test you should be stronger and be able to lower the box/bar or do full press ups. For those who can get full press ups, your chest and thighs must touch the floor to count. We will pair you up and you can judge each other. You have three attempts so make them count.

You will the have 3 mins rest when the last person finishes press ups. Your next test is to complete as many Pull Ups as possible. Make sure you reach full extension at the bottom and the chin goes over the bar at the top. The tighter you can be the better, so focus on a good hollow position. 

Our WoD is Helen. A classic test and a favourite at HG3. Go hard as you can on this but make sure you pace the run and stay consisitant. You should aim to finish the last round as close to the first as possible. KB swings should be unbroken and if scalling to Ring Rows then make then as hard as you can with perfect form.

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong