Week 23


This week we retest from the start of our 12 week cycle. I shall go back through the boards on the Facebook page and try and get all the results for you all. You should all have a record of the tests we did!!


Keep up the hard work guys and keep the results you are earning coming. Next week we have another rest week and then we are into a new training cycle with a twist!! It’s time to build some engines over the summer!


Monday 06062016


Activation –


6 Mins

Clock Lunge - No Weight/Weight

3 Broad Jumps


Test 1 – Compare to the 15th of Feb.



1 RM Box Jump


5 Warm Ups

5 Attempts


Test 2 – Compare to the 15th of Feb.



1 KM Row



Coaching Notes –


When we last took the box jump on, a lot of you found that confidence was key in making the jump. Don’t let the box and the height get the better of you. We have worked a lot on your power output so you will all be fine to really attack this.


Remember this 1km row?? A lot of you will do! Go out of the gates hard for the first 200-250m and then smooth out your pace for the next 500m and then go as hard as you possibly can for the last 250m. Do not go out at a crazy pace and try and maintain it, it will not happen! We had an incredible atmosphere in the gym last time we did this so make sure you get behind each other and really push yourselves.



Tuesday 07062016


Test 1 – Compare to 22nd Feb


2 Mins Max Burpees


Test 2 – Compare to 16th Feb.




20 min Amrap

5 Pull Ups

10 Press Ups

15 Squats


Coaching Notes –


The key to the burpees is to keep your movement the same through the 2 mins. Go hard at this, as you will have a good amount of time to rest before we take on Cindy.


You all smashed this last time we tested to have your score in mind and make sure you go hard to beat it. Plan it out in your head before hand and see if knowing what you need to hit and how you need to work through the 20 mins will help you.


Wednesday 08062016


Activation –


5 Mins

10 Lateral Lunges

10 Dead Bugs


Test 1 – Compare to 17th Feb



15 Mins 3RM Back Squat

Straight Into

15 Mins 3RM Push Press



Conditioning -


7 Min EMOM

7 Thrusters at 40/25

7 Box Jumps


Coaching Notes –



Today we see our 3 RM Back Squat and Push Press come back. You guys have smashing the squats and will no have so much more power to transfer through to the push press. You should also be a lot more stable and structured above the head.  Really work on your vertical dip and drive and the power transfer from the legs to the arms.


Thursday 09062016


Activation –


5 Mins

Reaction Games


Test 1 – Compare to 24th Feb


2 Mins max Air Squats –


Rest 5 Mins


Test 2 – Compare to 25th Feb


4 Mins Max KB Swings –



Conditioning –


10 Min Amrap

60 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Front Squats @50/30

10 Pull Ups


Coaching Notes –


Today’s tests are the air squat and KB swing. You will have a 5 min rest between so you can recover. Make sure we hit depth and open the hips at the top. I have been getting after a lot of you on this so make sure you hit the range of motion we are looking for.


Many of you will remember this conditioning from a while back so I thought we would go after it again. Go hard on the burpees to give yourselfmore time on the rest of the workout. Keep a rhythm and stay smooth. Have a second to breath before you get on the bar for the squats. Go as long as you can. Many of you managed them unbroken last time.



Friday 10062016


Activation –


5 Rounds

15M Bear Walk

15m Lunge Walk


Test 1 – Compare to 19th Feb


Max Rep Push Ups 3 Attempts


Rest 3 Mins after last attempt then


Test 2 – Compare to 19th Feb


Max Rep Pull Ups 3 Attempts


Conditioning – Compare to 19th Feb



3 Rounds

Run 400m

21 KB swings

12 Pull Ups


Coaching Notes - 


A great way to round of a brilliant week. Helen is a favorite in the gym and a great way test how hard you can go.  


We have been working hard on your pulling strength so I’m really hoping to see some increased numbers on the pull ups.  Take your time between sets as you will fatigue fast if you don’t. We shall be sure to give you enough time to complete these. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong