Week 26

Monday 27062016


Activation –


3 Rounds

1 Min Plank

20 Lateral Lunge Slide


Focus -


Every 3 Mins for 5 Rounds

12 DB KB Front Rack Lunge

10 Toes To Bar/Knee Raises



Conditioning –


12 Min AMRAP - For Form

3-5 Strict Pull Ups - Under or Over Hand

10 Box Tricep Dips

12 Hollow Rocks


Coaching Notes –


The lateral slide lunge is a great way to build hip control and also to build some great position for your squats. We shall demonstrate this movement for you.


In the focus go as heavy as you can on the lunges with perfect form. At the top of each lunge squeeze down into the floor and keep the glutes as tight as possible.


Work at a steady pace through the conditioning guys. This is simple accessory work for you on your core day. Be tight in the pull ups. Points of focus will be to keep a hollow body position and to focus on the lats being the first to activate.



Tuesday 28062016


Activation –


Front Squat


5 x 3 Sec down, 2 Sec Pause, Fast Up

5 x 1 Sec Down, 3 Sec Pause, Fast Up

5 x 1 1/4 Squats


Focus –


Back Squat

5x4 @ 75%


Conditioning -


3 Rounds - 30 sec rest

15 Thrusters @40/25

15 Burpee Over the Bar


Coaching Notes –


Not much time to mess around today!! You will have 15 mins max to hit your squats so the warm up will be short. The front squat activation is there to work your position for the squats. Don’t take too many warm up sets, get load on the bar and get involved.


In the conditioning each round is a sprint, especially the burpees. There is no reason to rest on them. Time your own 30 sec rest after your last burpee each round.



Wednesday 29062016


Activation –


Snatch Complex


Focus –


Every 2 Mins for 12 Mins

1 Snatch Pull

1 Hang Snatch

1 Snatch


Conditioning -


5 Rounds

15 KB swings

Sprint 200m


Rest 1 Min Between Rounds


Coaching Notes –


For the snatches today build the load through the 12 mins if you are competent in the snatch. If not then use it as a technique session at light loads.


The conditioning is to be done at max effort. As soon as you finish the last KB swing, sprint out of the door and don’t let yourself slow down! Rest 1 Min between rounds


Thursday 30062016


Activation –


Every 2.30 x 4

Run 200m

10 Alt KB Snatch

10 Burpees


Every 2.30 x 4

Run 200m

10 Pull Ups

16 Jumping Lunges


Every 2.30 x 4

Run 200m

15 Box Jumps


Coaching Notes –


This is a great workout. It will keep you going for just over 30 mins. We will have a long warm up and get the body going before we start. The aim is to be consistent with your times through each set of 4. Push hard on the runs and earn your rest.


Friday 01072016


Activation –


Tick Tack Toe


Focus –


Bar Skills

Kipping Pull Ups

Butterfly Pull Ups

Toes To Bar


Conditioning –


In Pairs 12 Min Time Cap

21-15-9-9-15-21 Each


Sit Ups

Box Jumps

One person holding front rack @60/40

When bar drops you change over


Coaching Notes –


A nice fun Friday for you all. Many of you have been asking to work on some kipping and butterfly skills so lets get them dialled in. We shall work right back from the start and build you up.


This is a great bit of conditioning in pairs. You can split the work as you need but one person must be holding a bar @60/40 in the front rack position at all times. The work cannot continue if the bar is on the floor. When the bar drops, you must swop over and continue where the other left off. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong