Week 17

Monday 25042016




6 mins


10 Glute Bridge

10 KB Swings

5 Box Jumps.




Deadlift - Single Reps, Load each time

5-5-5-5-5 (55,63,70,77,85%)

Press Ups 5x10


Conditioning –



KB Swings

Box Jumps

Run 200m Between Each Set


Coaching Notes –


With the deadlifts today guys I want you to be really specific with how you do them. What we are looking for is single reps but without letting go of the bar. So we want you to lift the bar, slowly bring the bar back down loading the hamstrings, then relax at the bottom, re load the set position and go again. Essentially they will be individual reps but without letting go of the bar.


Why? This builds huge hamstring strength and helps to load both the concentric and eccentric phases of the lift. Essentially creating more time under tension at higher load. These are tough and will tax your CNS so make sure you rest well. During and after also.


Tuesday 26042016


45 Min Conditioning Class


30 Min TC


Run 400m

100 Double Unders

Run 200m

100 Air Squats

Run 100m

100 Sit Ups

Run 200m

100 GTOH @20/15

Run 400m


Coaching Notes –


Simple work out, simple result, go hard or go home!!!


Rowing WOD –


5 x 750m (5min rest between sets)


Set 1: 2 splits slower than 2k pace


Set 2: 2 split slower than 2k pace


Set 3: 1 split slower than 2k pace


Set 4: 2k pace (no sprint)


Set 5: 750m as if it was the last 750m of the 2k race



Wednesday 27042016


Activation –


2 Rounds

45 Sec Lat Stretch

10 Thoracic Extensions

3 Wall Climbs


Strength -


Strict Press

3-3-3-3-3 (63,70,77,85,93%)

5x5 EL Bulgarian Split Squat - Weighted





20 Push Press @barbell

20 Front Rack Lunge

For the round to count the reps must be unbroken. Each time you break accumulate 5 burpee to complete at the end of the 8 mins. Your welcome!!!


Coaching Notes –


Great work on the presses last week and now we are loading the split squats you guys are looking really strong. Increase the load from last week and if you want to vary the load then have the KB or DB down to the sides rather than as a goblet.


This WOD is fun. Use an empty bar and keep a good pace.  If you break the push press and lunges the round does not count. If you break accumulate 5 burpees each time and complete them at the end. If you finish the round and put the bar down, there is NO penalty.


Thursday 28042016


Activation –


Split Jerk Technique


Foot Work Drills

Dip Drive Drills

Jerk Drills


Skill –


Every 2 Mins for 12 Mins


@ 70-75% Max C+J from last Thursday

1 Clean + 3 Jerks


Conditioning –


5 x 90 sec Amraps


10 Front Squats at 40/30

Amrap Burpees Over Bar

Rest 1 Min Between Each


Coaching Notes –


Incredible work over the last few weeks with the Clean and Jerk guys. You are all improving so much. We have noticed that we need to focus a bit more on the Jerk so we have planned in a great session to really dial this in. Work at around 70-75% of your 1RM from last week if you are regularly lifting higher load. If not then drop down to around 50% and really dial technique. You should be working at a load that you can hit a good position each rep.


Rowing WOD –


2 x 6000m with 5:00 rest btw


Set 1: 2000m at rate 19, 2000m at rate 20, 2000m at rate 21


Set 2: Repeat and try to go a little faster (no more than 0:02/500m at each level)


Friday 29042016


Activation –


5 Mins


10Weighted Static Lunges EL

10 Dead Bugs

3 Broad Jumps


Strength -


Pause Back Squats

3-3-3-3-3 (63,70,77,85,93%)of 90%1RM

5x10 KB Arnold Press


Conditioning –


EMOM for 12 Mins

AMRAP KB Clusters SA in 30 seconds, rest remainder of the min.

Swop Arm each round


Coaching Notes –


Last week the pause squats were spot on. You have all really improved your form and ability to hold tension whilst doing the 10 rep sessions. Well done guys. Now time to go a little heavier and hit the 3’s. Remember to take them from 90% of your 1RM. Increase load on the Arnold Press if you can. Make sure to maintain solid midline and have the bicep next to the ear at the top.


We shall demonstrate and have time to proactive the KB clusters. Swop arms each set. So you will work for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong