Week 16


Monday 18042016


Activation -


In Pairs 2 Rounds

Person 1

10 Lateral Lunges

5 Ball Slams/5 OH Throws

Person 2

20 Dead Bugs


Strength –


Deadlifts 5x10@70%


Conditioning -


In 15 MIns

200m Front Rack KB Carry

20 Burpees

200m SA WaitersWalk


Coaching Notes –


With the Deadlifts make sure you are warmed up and don’t rush to get up to your working weights. Make sure you control the lowering phase of the lift rather than letting the load drop and losing position. You have all worked hard for these reps so earn the results now.  


This workout is a mental test rather than fitness. Will you drop the weight or push to that special place??? Make sure your midline is rock solidthroughout the carries.


Tuesday 19042016


45 Mins Conditioning


Buy In - In 5 Mins

100 Walking Lunges


Then Amrap 15

Run 100m

20 GTOH @20/15

10 Pull Ups


Cash Out - In 5 Mins

50 Burpees


Coaching Notes –

This is a nice fun workout guys. Be steady in the cash in and go hard on the cash out. In the AMRAP make sure you are consistent and take a mental note of your time to make sure you are not straying away from a consistent round times.


Rowing WOD – Week 9 Session 1


Part A)

3 x 1250m (5min rest between sets)

Set 1: 1250m at 5 splits slower than 2k pace

Set 2: 1250m at 4 splits slower than 2k pace

Set 3: 1250m at 3 splits slower than 2k pace

**Rest 8-12 mins, then complete part B**

Part B) 600m for time**

**first 200m at 2k pace**


Wednesday 20042016


Activation –


In Pairs 3 Rounds

20 2 for 1 Wall Balls

20 Russian Twist

10 Med Ball Press Ups


Strength –


Pause Back Squats

5-5-5-5-5 (55,63,70,77,85% of 90%1RM)

5x10 KB Arnold Press


Conditioning –


For Form in 10 Mins AMRAP

10 Ring Dips

10 Bent Over Row EA

20 KB Curls


Coaching Notes –


This is a fun little warm up today. For the wall balls we want to line up next to each other, throw the wall ball up and over to our partner, whilst they are catching it and doing the wall ball you will perform an air squat, then catch the ball and go again. A good bit of coordination and communication needed.


The Squats in this cycle will all be done off 90% of your 1RM. (ie. 1RM = 120kg, 90% of 1RM = 108kg, all percentages worked out from 108kg). The reason being is that we are doing pause squats with a 2 sec hold at the bottom. This will build up control, hamstring strength and power out of the bottom of your squats. Be sure to stay as tight as possible and don’t rush into the bottom.


Conditioning, lets chase the pump!!!!


Thursday 21042016


Barbell Warm Up –


1 - 5 Slow Down Fast Up Front Squat

2 - 5 3 Sec pause Front Squats

3 - 5 Hang Clean 2 Sec Pause

4 - 5 Hang Clean + Push Jerk

5 - 5 Hang Clean + Split Jerk


Skill –


In 15 Mins


Find 1RM Max Clean and Jerk


Conditioning –


In Pairs Row For Max Meters

12 Rounds

30 Sec Work

15 Sec Change Over


Coaching Notes –


It’s time to find our 1RM clean and Jerk after a good few weeks of movement prep. You have all improved so much so lets see what you’ve got in the tank!


Then it’s time to go hard on the rower. This will need you all to get behind each other and really push to get the full emphasis of the workout. Don’t hold back, go all out every set!


Rowing WOD – Week 9 Session 2


3 x 4000m with 4:30 rest btw

Set 1: 2000m at rate 19, 2000m at rate 20

Set 2: 2000m at rate 20, 2000m at rate 21

Set 3: 2000m at rate 21, 2000m at rate 22


Friday 22042016


Activation –


In 5 MIns

30 Sec Handstand Hold

10 Goblet Squats 3-2-x-1

30 Sec Plank Travel


Strength -


Strict Press

5-5-5-5-5 (55,63,70,77,85%)

5x5 EL Bulgarian Split Squat - Weighted


Conditioning –



15 KB Swings

10 Goblet Squats


Coaching Notes –


For the goblet squats in the activation go 3 seconds down, 2 seconds hold and then explode up with no pause at the top.


We would like you to start loading the lunges now to build the glutes further. Don’t go nuts but it needs to be more than body weight now. Ladies around 12-16kg total and gents 20-24kg total to start. We will build over the coming weeks.



That’s it for the week guys. Keep up the hard work, stay focused and give it everything you’ve got. Remember Results are earned not given. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong