Week 15


Monday 11042016


Activation –


3 Rounds

10 KB Swings

1 Triple broad Jump


Strength –


Deadlift 5x10 @65%-70%

Press Ups 5x10


Conditioning -



Wall Balls


1 Min rest after 21, 15 and 9


Tuesday 12042016


45 Min Conditioning


For 24 Mins

Even Mins - Row for Cals

Odd Mins - 10 Toes To Bar


Rowing WOD –


4 x 1000m


2 x 350m

4 x 1000m – 4min rest between sets

Set 1: 1000m at 6 splits slower than 2k pace

Set 2: 1000m at 6 splits slower than 2k pace

Set 3: 1000m at 5 splits slower than 2k pace

Set 4: 1000m at 5 splits slower than 2k pace

**Rest 8-12 mins, then complete final part**

2 x 350m – 0:30 rest between

Set 1: 350m at 2k pace

Set 2: 350m flat-out


Coaching Notes –


Today’s conditioning is simple but very effective. Go as hard as you can on the row and focus on technique and movement on the toes to bar. Remember that calories on the rower is long power strokes rather than short high volume strokes.


Wednesday 13042016


Activation –


5 Mins

10 Lateral Lunges

10 Glute Bridges

30 Shrug Hold


Strength -


Back Squat 5x10 @70%


Conditioning -


Every 2 Mins for 10 Mins

Run 100m

25 KB Swings


Coaching Notes –


Now we are looking at the 70% on the lifts we are taking out any accessory movements this week. I want you to really focus on them and make sure that you rest well between the sets.  I’m not going to lie, these are tough and they will test mentally and physically. You can all do them so be confident and get after it.


Thursday 14042016


Activation –


EMOM 6 Mins

1-  OH Squats

2- Behind the Neck Press

3 - Sots Press

4- Front Squat

5- Strict press

6- Thruster


Skill –


OMEM 10 Mins

1 Hang Clean

1 Hang Clean Thruster


Conditioning –


5 Mins Walking lunges

EMOM 3 Burpees


Coaching Notes –


So we have a new movement in the complex today. The thruster is a brilliant movement to work on power and drive from the catch position. You cannot be lazy getting out of the hole. You have to drive to transfer the power to the press out at the top. Focus on position in the catch and staying tight. Then drive the floor away hard and explode the hips through as you come up. Choose a load that is comfortable. You should not arch whilst taking the bar overhead.


Rowing WOD –


5 x 2000m with 2:30 rest btw

Set 1: rate 20

Set 2: rate 21

Set 3: rate 22

Set 4: rate 21

Set 5: rate 20



Friday 15042016


Activation –


5 Mins

5 SA KB Press EA

5 Press Ups

10 Hollow Rocks


Strength -


Strict Press 5x10@70%


Conditioning -


4 Rounds

10 Thrusters

8 Pull Ups

6 Box Jumps


Coaching Notes –


Be sure to really stay tight on the presses today. One key thing is to keep the feet connected, by that I mean don’t rock onto the toes to find strength. Stay grounded and keep you butt tight so help with keeping position.


This is a nice fast WOD guys so go hard. Choose a load you know you can do the thrusters unbroken. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong