2016 Week 10

Time to get cracking guys…. Today starts the new wave of programming. To see the video explaining the next 12 weeks please click here and spend 5 mins getting to grips with it.

The aim over the next few weeks is to increase our single leg and single arm strength. We are hoping to create more balance as we know some are stronger on one side than the other. We will be stepping away from the barbells a little, but don’t worry, they will come back!! We shall also be working within the 12-15 min time domain for our conditioning to build aerobic capacity. 

This week we are looking to build some reps and get the glutes, midline and upper body firing from all angles. Please take time to listen to the briefings carefully as we have some new movements coming in. If you are unsure of anything please do ask.

Levels are also being introduced this week, again if unsure please ask. The levels will not be used on all sessions but just where appropriate. Also don’t forget to watch the pre session prep videos that will be in the Facebook members group and get in early if you can to get ready for the sessions. ALL PROGRAMMING WILL BE DONE WITH LEVEL 2 IN MIND AND SCALING WILL BE FOR LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 3. Scaling options will be put on the board each day for you. 

Level 1 - 0-9 months experience

Level 2 - 9 months to 3 years experience, medium skill level but still learning.

Level 3 - 3 years plus, high skill and strength. 

Lets have a brilliant week guys and get the atmosphere buzzing!


Monday 07032016


Activation –

5 Mins

Clock Lunge x 2

10-15 Lat Shrugs

Strength -

SL Front Leg Raised Lunge 5x10 EL

SA Row 5x12 EA

Conditioning –

12 Min Amrap

80 DU's

40 KB Swings  @24/16

30 Sit Ups

20 STOH @KB weight


Coaching Notes -

In the activation take your time on the clock lunge. Focus on keeping the torso upright and the hip driving back. If you have to hinge forward to get depth then stop before you hinge and that is your depth. Really drive the floor away each rep and keep the pelvis tight.

The single leg split squats are going to be done with the front foot raised on a 20kg plate . This will give us a further 2/3 inches on hip flexion to help with depth in the squat and posterior chain development / glute activation at lower range. It will also allow us to keep a more vertical torso position to improve our squats. Use a moderate load but feel the movement out.

With the single arms Row use a moderate weight and focus on your lats. DO NOT shrug the shoulder. Draw it the shoulder blade back and down and then tuck the elbow into the side. This will be demonstrated in the session brief.

This WOD is a nice slow burner. Break the reps as you need but don’t rest too long. We are looking to work at around 75-80% and be able to keep moving throughout.


Tuesday 08032016


45 Min Conditioning Class -

 4 Rounds

60 Sec GTOH

Rest 30 Secs

60 Sec Plate Sit Ups

Rest 30 Secs

60 Sec Box Jump Overs

Rest 30 Secs

60 Sec Push Press

Rest 30 Secs


Coaching Notes - 

A nice little interval session today guys. The aim here is to try and get the reps the same in each section throughout the 4 rounds. DON'T blow up in the first round and have nothing left at the end. Choose a load for the push press that you can get a comfortable 10 reps at. Keep moving and stay focused.


Rowing WOD -

Interval 1 – 12 mins

5:00 at rat 20, 4:00 at rate 22, 3:00 at rate 24

Performed as a 12 minute continuous interval

**3-6mins active rest**

Interval 2 – 8 mins

3:00 at rate 22, 2:00 at rate 24, 2:00 at rate 26, 1:00 at rate 28

Performed as a continuous 8 minute interval

**3-6mins active rest**

Interval 3 – 8 mins

2:00 at rate 22, 2:00 at rate 24, 2:00 at rate 26, 2:00 at rate 28

Performed as one continuous 8 minute intervals


Wednesday 09032016


Activation –

3 Rounds

30 Sec Handstand Hold

10 Back Extensions

30 Sec Deep Squat/1 1/4 Squat/Tempo

Strength –

SA KB Press 5x10 Each Arm

KB Goblet Squats 5x10 3 sec pause at bottom

Conditioning –

5 Rounds for Time

3 Power Cleans @80/50

6 Ring Dips

9 Bum Touch Burpee Box Jumps @24/20


Coaching Notes –

For the activation choose your level for handstands that suits you. We are looking for the shoulders and midline to be active. No bend through the back here. With the back extensions make sure we drive the pelvic bones to the floor and keep the glutes tight. Draw a big belly breath in first and secure the back throughout. For the squats 30 sec hold first round, 1 1/4 squats go to parallel or below, back up 3 inches then back to parallel or below and then back to standing. For the Tempo 5 sec down, 5 sec up.

The single arm presses are hard guys and you WILL find one arm stronger than the other.  Focus on a tight midline and a straight press up. Try not to let the arm go too far away from your head. Drive the feet into the ground and keep the glutes tight.  The goblet squats are to be done with two KB’s and pause for 3 seconds at the bottom. Focus on tension.


Thursday 10032016


Activation –

Ladder / Cone Drills

Skill –

Barbell Cycling

10 Mins to find max

3 Power Cleans + 1 Jerk


2 Power Clean + 1 Jerk @75%

Conditioning –

In Pairs

8x250m Row


Coaching Notes - 

Today's Barbell complex is to find a max triple power clean with 1 Jerk. The idea here is to link the cleans together with no break in between reps. To be efficient we need to learn how to utilize the hook grip in the receive and how to keepthe bar close and work position on the way back down. We shall demonstrate and give tips as to how to do this. Barbell efficiency will transfer over into both main lifting and into workouts. You will have 10 mins to do this and then a further ten min EMOM to dial the movement in at a lower weight and lower rep scheme.

The conditioning is a sprint and your aim is to beat or keep your time each round. It is in pairs so 4x250m rows in making 8 in total. One works whilst one rests.

Rowing WOD –

2 sets of 5 rounds – 1:00 work, 1:40 rest

Set 1:

Round 1 – Rate 24

Round 2 – Rate 26

Round 3 – Rate 28

Round 4 – Rate 28+ (must be full length rowing)

Round 5 – Flat-out (full length not required)

**REST 10-15 mins**


Friday 11032016


Activation –

5 MIns

10 KB Swings

3 Vertical Jumps

Rest as Needed

Strength –

Deadlift 5x10 Alt Grip Each Set

SA KB Floor Press 5x10 EA

Conditioning –

Every 3 Mins for 15 MIns

In 2 Mins 30 secs

Run 200m

Amrap KB Taters @24/16

Rest 30 secs


Coaching Notes –

For the activation use a moderate weight KB and really focus on hip drive and power. The vertical jump is to get our fast twitch fibers fired up. Jump as high as you can reach full extension each rep.

We want to work some positions in the deadlift to really reinforce strength. Choose a load that is taxing but form is not compromised. For each set change your handgrip to make it different each time. Work on drive through the floor, strong mid line and loading the hamstrings on the way down. Take it as a chance to build position for out heavier loads in the coming weeks.

The floor press is an accessory lift so make sure structure is dialed in. As we did last week focus on the midline being tights, hips driven into the floor and the feet being active. Keep the shoulder blade tight to the floor rather than over reaching at the top.

Today's conditioning is a chance to move for 15 mins, go steady on the runs and maintain a pace. KB taters will be demonstrated before the workout for you all.















Strength is a choice…choose to be strong