Week 13

Monday 28032016


Easter Monday


In 24 hours


Eat Max Chocolate Eggs


Tuesday 29032016


Every 2 Mins for 24 Mins



1- Run 100m

10 Front Squats

Rest to end of 2 min

2- Run 100

10 Push Press

Rest to end of 2 min

3- Run 100

10 Thrusters


Coaching Notes –


This is a simple but effective conditioning piece. Make sure you push to go unbroken on all reps. This is a sprint workout and you should be working for around 30-45 seconds with 1.15-1min rest. Go hard on these and make sure you move whilst resting, walk around and keep the blood flowing and bring your hear rate down.


Rowing WOD –


Week 6 Session 1 – Re Test Week


A) 3min – row as far as possible

**Rest 10 mins**

B) 250m as fast as possible

**Rest as needed**

C) 20min visualisation row



Wednesday 30032016


Activation –


2 Rounds

10 Dead Bugs - Banded if needed

10 Back Extensions with rotation

10 Lateral Lunges

5 Broad Jumps


Strength –


Back Squat 5x10@60-65%

Pull Ups 5 x Your number


Conditioning –


In Pairs For 12 Mins

Work 45 Sec Rest 15 Sec

Swopping Each Min -

Max Cals On the Rower

Max Metres Farmers Walks 24/16


Coaching Notes –


We shall demonstrate the dead bugs and back extensions. They can be progressed if needed. Be sure to be tight in the midline and stay connected with the floor. Be as powerful as possible with the broad jumps and don’t rush them.

These squats are to build some muscle and to get some blood flow to the legs. Build to 60-65% and DO NOT GO ABOVE THS LOAD. Don’t rush the sets. Stay tight all the way.

Calories on the rower and best achieved with long powerful strokes. Use your legs to drive the movement and finish with the arms.


Thursday 31032016


Barbell Warm Up –


1 Round Empty bar, 1 Round with load, All with 2 sec pause at each point:

1- 5 OH Squat

2- 5 Front Squat

3- 5 Hang Clean

4- 5 Hang Clean’s and Jerk


A) In 10 mins build to heavy

2 Cleans + 1 Jerk


B) In 10 mins

3 Sets at 75%


Conditioning –


3 Min Amrap

6 KB Swings

6 Burpees


Coaching Notes –


In the warm up stay slow and controlled and structured. On the squats go slow down fast up and on the clean and the jerk be fast and powerful. In A) build to a heavy complex with good form. This wont be a max. The in B) do three sets at 75% and focus on and long strong drive and speed under the bar.


Rowing WOD – Week 6 Session 2


In 20mins, row as far as possible.


Friday 01042016


Activation –


2 Rounds

15m Bear Crawl

30 Sec Side Plank R

30 Sec Side Plank L

10 KB Swings


Strength -


Strict Press 5x10@60-65%

Rear Leg Raised Split Squat 5x10


Conditioning –


10 Mins For Form

10 Strict T2B

30-50 Du's

20 OH Lunges With Barbell


Coaching Notes –


A nice little activation piece for today. Don’t rush your rounds. Use the bear crawl to get your shoulders as active as you can.

Strict presses at 60-65% require a strong midline throughout. Don’t rush through your reps and make sure you are set for each press. In the split squats load if you feel comfortable but body weight is enough to keep the glutes active. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong