2016 Week 12


This is the last week in our 3 week cycle guys so keep going with it. You have all worked so hard the last 2 weeks so keep it going. The single arm, single leg work has really exposed some weakness in us all and you have all worked hard to make it a strength. This will really come to play when we go back to double arm, double leg work.

Have an amazing week guys and if you have any feedback, suggestions on programming please do let us know. We are always working to improve and your feedback is vital in this.


Monday 21032016


Activation –

5 Mins

10 KB Swings

10 Lateral Lunges EL

5 Goblet Squats


Strength –

Deadlift 5x10 Alt Grip Each Set – Increase load from last week

SA KB Floor Press 5x10 EA


Conditioning –

5 Rounds

90 secs on 30 secs off

7 Thrusters

7 Pull Ups


Coaching Notes –


Take your time on the lateral lunges and use the KB that you are using for the swings as the load. Be snappy and sharp with the KB swings and controlled with the Goblet Squats. This is NOT a wod remember.

Amazing work so far on the deadlifts guys so keep it going. Again increase by 2.5-5kg this week.

This WOD is a nice little burner to start the week. Choose a load that you will be able to do all reps unbroken and not have to think too much about getting back on the bar.


Tuesday 22032016


In Pairs in 22 Row For Max Meters


Tag Team Style


1 - Run 200m

2 - Row For Meters


Swap when runner comes in


Coaching Notes –


This is some good old CV work for you guys. One person starts on the rower and one starts running. When the runner comes in, swap over and continue the count on the rower. You score is total metres on the rower and the run added together.  Go hard on the rower guys as you don’t know how much time you will have, but not hard enough that you can’t run!!


Rowing WOD –


INTERVAL 1 – 12 mins:


4:00 at rate 20, 4:00 at rate 22, 2:00 at rate 26, 2:00 at rate 28


**5-8mins active rest


Interval 2 – 12 mins:


4:00 at rate 22, 3:00 at rate 24, 2:00 at rate 26, 1:00 at rate 28, 1:00 at rate 28+ (full length), 1:00 flat-out


**cool down, mobilise, rehydrate & refuel**





Wednesday 23032016


Activation –

3 Rounds

10 Weighted Back Extensions

10 OH Lunges


Strength -

SL Front Leg Raised Lunge 5x10 EL – Increase load from last week

SA Row 5x12 EA


Conditioning –

12 Min Amrap

Run 200m

20 Walking Lunge

10 Pull Ups


Coaching Notes –


The weighted back extensions are to really get your posterior chain working to keep you solid in the lunges. Use around a 5 or 10 as the weight. Nothing too crazy!

Keep up the work on the lunges and increase the load by 2.5-5kg. These have caught some of you off guard so be confident with them and add the load if you are stable and solid.

On this conditioning piece try and stay consistent with your times.  Your time should not drop by more then 15 seconds per round. Be sensible with your pull ups and if you need to break them, do so early so you can keep going.


Thursday 24032016


BB Warm Up-

1 - 5 Slow Down Fast Up Front Squat

2 - 5 3 Sec pause Front Squats

3 - 5 Hang Clean 2 Sec Pause

4 - 5 Hang Clean + Push Jerk

5 - 5 Hang Clean + Split Jerk


Skill –

OMEM 12 Mins

1 Clean + 1 Jerk

2 Sec pause at Knee in Clean

2 Sec Pause in Jerk


Conditioning –

10 Mins Amrap

50 Du's

5 Power Cleans


Coaching Notes –


The aim of today is to now solidify the Clean and Jerk. We are looking for positions to be perfect at the knee, shins vertical to the horizontal, feet driving down, hamstrings loaded and back tight.  You have 12 attempts so make each one count. Pause for 2 seconds at the knee then explode upwards. Take your time to set for the jerk and pause for 2 seconds in the catch. Focus on tight midline, strong shoulders and a solid base.

Your aim in the conditioning is to go unbroken on the DU’s. Don’t set off on them unless you know you are going to make them!!


Rowing WOD –


2 sets of 5 rounds – 1:00 work, 1:00 rest


Set 1:

Round 1 – Rate 24, Round 2 – Rate 26, Round 3 – Rate 28, Round 4 – Rate 28+ (must be rowing full length), Round 5 – Flat-out (full length not required)


**REST 10-15 mins**


Set 2:




Friday 25032016


Activation –

In Pairs

30 Sec Handstand Free Hold

1 Min Partner Squat


Strength –

SA KB Press 5x10 Each Arm

KB Goblet Squats 5x10 3 sec pause at bottom


Conditioning -

EMOM 15 Mins

1 - 25 Air Squats

2 – 20 Sit Ups

3 – 15 Press Ups


Coaching Notes –


I know what you are thinking, partner squats?? No you are not going to be on each other shoulders. It is simply a balance and position exercise. All shall be explained!! For the handstand free hold you are going to be spotting each other kicking up to a handstand. If this is not in your wheelhouse then spot each other by the wall. Try and stand by yourself! We will go over spotting and scaling options for you. Don’t worry if you cannot yet kick up to a handstand.

Last week on these squats guys, pretty sure you will be glad about this!! Stay tight and strong and don’t let them get the better of you.

Have an amazing week guys. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong