2016 Week 11


Monday 14032016


Activation –

2 Rounds

Side Step Up to Box x10 EL

Back Extension x10

Handstand Hold x30 Sec


Strength –

SA KB Press 5x10 Each Arm

KB Goblet Squats 5x10 3 sec pause at bottom


Conditioning –


1 - 50 DU's

2 - 15 Wall Balls

3 - 15 KB/DB Snatch

4 - 15 KB/DB Step Ups


Coaching Notes –


The Single Leg Step ups are to build leg strength, balance and activate the glutes. We will demonstrate through these and the key points of the movement. Be sure to try and use the trailing leg as little as possible

Try and increase the load in the strength section if last week they felt comfortable. If not then solidify the weight you used before. Make sure the 3 sec pause REALLY IS 3 seconds!! Watch the clock.

On the conditioning today try and be as consistent as possible each round and keep the same time for the reps. Don’t go out of the gates too hard.


Tuesday 15032016


45 Min Conditioning Class


Fight Gone Bad


1 Min Wall Balls

1 Min SDHP

1 Min Box Jumps

1 Min Push Press

1 Min Row for Cal’s

1 Min Rest


Score is total reps.


Coaching Notes –


Go hard as possible guys. Really push on this and make sure you make every minuet count.


Rowing WOD- Week 4 Sessions 1


Interval 1 – 10 mins:

3:00 at rate 20, 3:00 at rate 22, 2:00 at rate 24, 2:00 at rate 26

**3-6 mins of active rest**


Interval 2 – 8 mins:

2:00 at rate 22, 2:00 at rate 24, 2:00 at rate 26, 2:00 at rate 28

**3-6 mins of active rest**


Interval 3 – 8 mins:

3:00 at rate 24, 3:00 at rate 26, 1:00 at rate 28, 1:00 at max speed with full length rowing

**cooldown, mobilise, rehydrate & refuel**



Wednesday 16032016


Activation –

3 Rounds

10 Band Pull Throughs – Purple Band

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Scap Drops


Strength –

Deadlift 5x10 Alt Grip Each Set – Increase by 2.5 to 5kg from last week.

SA KB Floor Press 5x10 EA


Conditioning –


1 - 30 Du's + 3 Down Ups

2 - 20 KB swings

3 - 20 OH Lunge


Coaching Notes –


Band pull throughs are amazing for hamstring and glute activation. Be sure to pull as hard as possible and squeeze the glutes hard at the top.  Stay tight on the hollow rocks and use scaling as needed. Scap Drops will be demonstrated for you. They are great for getting the shoulders moving and help to get ready for the floor press.

Increase your deadlfit load by 2.5kg-5kg from last weeks load. Maintain solid form throughout. They were brilliant last week, keep it up guys.

This conditioning is to keep your heart rate up and stable for 15 mins. Move smoothly all the way through and don’t rush the rounds.


Thursday 17032016


Activation –

Box Jump

Ladder Drills

Box Jump


Barbell Warm Up-

3 Sets - 10 Front Squats

1- 3 Sec Pause Top and Bottom

2- 1 1/4 Squats

3- Tempo, 5 down 5 up


Skill –

5x2 Complex @75% max C and J

Power Clean


Front Squat



Conditioning –

7 MIn Amrap

5 Front Squats @60/40

10 Press Ups


Coaching Notes –


A great barbell session today guys. We will spend some good time on warming up and positions. We will go at the complex around every 3 mins. Focus on speed under the bar and starting piecing together all the technique we have been working on. Try and use the touch and go technique in the cleans.

For the conditioning please take your time. The point is to load you from the front and build your midline. Be sure to only go for the reps if you know you are going to complete them. Stay tight on the press ups and scale back as needed.


Rowing WOD – Week 4 Session 2


2 sets of 5 rounds – 1:00 work, 1:20 rest


Set 1:

Round 1 – Rate 24, Round 2 – Rate 26, Round 3 – Rate 28, Round 4 – Rate 28+ (must be rowing full length), Round 5 – Flat-out (full length not required)


**REST 10-15 mins**


Set 2:



Friday 18032016


Activation –

5 Mins

20 Lateral Lunges

10 Ring Rows


Strength –

SL Front Leg Raised Lunge 5x10 EL – Increase load from last week

SA Row 5x12 EA


Conditioning -

5 Rounds

Run 200m

10 Burpee Pull Ups


Coaching Notes. –


Focus on depth and power out of the lunges in the activation. Sit the hip back on the heal and make sure the entire foot is driving into the floor. Remember keep the torso tall and focus on position.

The focus on the conditioning is to keep a pace through the 5 rounds. You should hit pretty much the same time every round. Again don’t go out too hard. Push the run and make sure your chin is over the bar on every pull up. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong