2016 Week 8


Monday 22022016


Activation –

6 Mins Turkish Get Ups


Strength –

In 15 Mins Find 3RM Deadlift

In 15 Mins Find 3RM Strict Press


Conditioning –

2 Mins ME Burpees


50 Hollow Rocks


Coaching Notes –

Pick a load for the TGU that you can do comfortably for 6 mins. We are using this as movement prep and activation so be precise with movements and make sure you are being active. Move with purpose.

3RM on your deadlift and Strict Press today is a good chance to go heavy but focus on form. Remember we are testing this week so make sure you go hard but be safe. Use the time as well as you can and rest well.

Our conditioning test today is max burpees in 2 mins. This is a flat out effort and make sure that you keep moving. It is only 2 mins and will be over before you know it. Please make sure the chest and thighs touch the floor and you stand tall at the end of the movement.

Today’s finisher is Hollow Rocks. Make sure you are tight in the midline before starting and keep the legs and arms outreached. We will go through scaling options in the class.


Tuesday 23022016

45 Min Conditioning -

25 Min EMOM


1- 10-15 Wall Balls

2- 10-15 KB Swings

3- 10-15 Cal Row

4- 10-15 Burpees

5- Rest


Coaching Notes -

Our conditioning today sees a 25 min EMOM. We are setting the reps so that you have a forced rest each minuet. This will mean you should be able to do all reps unbroken. The idea is to work at a steady pace and make sure all movements are perfect.

Choose a rep range that you will be able to complete each round with no break. Also choose your resting spot wisely!!


Wednesday 24022016


Activation –

In Pairs 3 Rounds

Max Time Hang

Max Time Ring Support


Strength –

Turkish Get Ups

3x2 Heavy Reps Each Arm

Record Load Used


Conditioning -

2 Mins max Air Squats

Rest 2 Mins

2 Mins Max Double Unders


Coaching Notes - 

For the hang and support please record your times and note on the board the best one. We are looking for you to hang from the bar for as long as possible and then either hold a ring support or a plank position on the rings.

The turkish get up should be for max load for 2 reps. We will teach you how to spot someone whilst doing a get up. We are looking for control and to make sure that we hit each point of the movement perfectly. We shall also show you the limitation and what would class as a no rep!

Go as hard as you can on the max squats. We are going to be strict on the movements so need as close to parallel as you can get or just below. At the top make sure that you stand with an open hip. If we have time we may partner up and judge one another.

If you cant do double unders then please take two mins o attempt to do as many as you can. We have 9-12 weeks until the next testing so it is a good bench mark.


Thursday 25022016


Activation –

Barbell Warm Up

Tempo Work/Positiion Work


Skill –

In 10 Mins Max Complex

1 Clean

1 Front Squat


2 Second Pause Each Rep

Then In 10 Mins 3 Sets at 75%


Conditioning –

4 Mins Max KB swings


Coaching Notes -

Today’s complex takes us one step further from last week by adding in a front squat. We are going to see if this affects your STOH or are you still as strong??

Make sure you pause for 2 seconds in each position. We shall go through this in the session to make sure you are all good to go. Again choose form over load.

A nice simple WOD today, 4 mins of max KB swings. The idea here is to not break at all and stay consistent throughout. KB swings are all about rhythm and once you have this, the rest is easy.... well holding on is still hard!! Don't let go of the KB


Friday 26022016


Activation -

3 Rounds

Clock Lunge-weighted/un-weighted

Med Ball Plank

Med Ball Rotation Throws


Strength –

Handstand Work

Work on Progressions

Head Stand

Wall Climb

Kick Up to Hold

Handstand Walk


Conditioning –

5 Rounds, 2 Mins Rest

Run 200m

15 Thrusters

Pick a load you can go unbroken


Coaching Notes –

You will see some rotation work creeping into the programming so today is a start point. Working on different planes of movement is really important for all of us and some thing we often neglect.

Jamie loves his handstands so we thought we would let him drop some knowledge bombs on you!! Work through your progressions, find a point that you get stuck at and work just below this.

The WOD is short and sharp today guys so go hard. You should be aiming to hit the same time in each round and stay consistent. Pick a weight that should be tough but you can go unbroken on. The point is to not drop the bar. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong