2016 WK 4


Monday 25012016 -

Activation -

3 Rounds

15-30 Sec Handstand Hold

15 Hanging Lat Shrugs

Strength - 

Push Press 3-3-3-3-3 - 63%-93%

Rear Leg Raised Split Squat 5x10EL

Conditioning - 

For Time Climb the ladder

10/20/30/40/50 KB Swings

30 Du's+5 Burpees between each

Coaching Notes - 

Choose a hanstand hold that works for you, this can be vertical on the wall, half a wall climb or even with feet on a box. use it to activate your shoulders and midline.

Hanging Lat Shrugs - work on retracting the shoulder blades and squeezing the lats at the top. Make sure arms stay straight and and full depression of the shoulders at the bottom.

Rear leg raised split squat - (See Video) Use a 20 inch box. Rear foot resting on the edge for support and front foot forwards. Drop the rear knee towards the floor slowly and power back up. You will feel a good stretch in the rear hip flexor so go to a range that works for you. This should activate glutes and balance single leg strength. If your strong add a small load either in the rack or to the opposite side of the leg being used to work stability.

Your aim for the wod is to go Unbroken on the KB swings at least until the 30's. Work on rythm and breathing. Breath in whilst loading and exhale hard with the effort. This will help you keep going for longer.

Tuesday 26012016 -

Conditioning - 45 Min Class

'The End'

50 Double unders

30 Wall Balls @9/7

20 Toes To Bar

30 Box Jumps @24/20

20 SDHP @24/16

30 Burpees

20 STOH @40/25

100 Double Unders


As far as possible in

4 Mins

6 Mins

12 Mins

Coaching Notes -

This session is ace. We have done this before but a long time ago so it's good to re visit it.

You need to get as many reps as you can in each time slot that is given. Try and set yourself a challenge to get the same reps each time as you go up. So if you get to 15 Box jumps in 4 mins, try to hit the same rep at 4 mins in the 6 min slot and the 12 min slot.

Move consistantly throghout. You will have a 1 min rest between time slots.

Wednesday 27012016 -

Activation - 

6 mins - For Form

10 SA KB Lunges R

30 Secs KB Plank

10 SA KB Lunges L

Strength - 

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 - 63%-93%

Strict Pull Ups 5xYour number

Conditioning - 

5 Rounds for time

10 Box Jumps

12 Sit Ups

14 KB Lunges

Rest 30 Seconds between rounds

Coaching Notes -

If you have good range of motion in your shoulders do single arm OH lunge with the KB. If not then hold in a rack position. If lunging with right leg hold the KB with your left arm. Then hold in right arm when lunging with left leg. Don't allow your body to rotate. Make sure they are slow down and powerful up.

Use the same number as last week for your strict pull ups. Stay consistant and pull as high as you can. Be sure to not shrug into the pull up. Engage your lats first.

Go as hard as you can for each round of the conditioning. It is short and intense so make it that way.

Thursday 30012016 -

Activation - 

5 mins for form

Hollow rock x 5

Back extensions x5

Glute bridge x 10

Skill - 

Barbell warm up/position work

Emom 12 mins

2 hang power cleans - 2 sec pause

2 push jerk - 2 sec pause

Conditioning -

Tabata - 

1 - Wall balls

2 - Press up

3 - Squats 

Coaching notes - 

We have not done hollow rocks for a while so we will run through scaling options before we start. Please make sure that your back is flat on the floor when in the hollow and that your midline is engaged. In the back extensions look for tight glutes and to push your hip bones into the floor. 

In the EMOM we are looking of control in both the catch position of the clean and the jerk. Make sure it is a good 2 second hold rather than a rushed one. Work on tight midline and good torso position in the catch of the clean. Focus on drive through the legs in the jerk and reaching for the bar in the catch. Pick a weight that will be consistent throughout. 

Tabata is 8 rounds, 20 sec work, 20 secs rest. Work on keeping your scores the same in each round. An aim would be to beat your wall ball scores when we get onto the squats. 

Friday 29012016 - 

Activation - 

3 Rounds For Power

10 Med Ball Slams

3 Box Jumps

Strength -

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 - 63%-93%

5 x 5-10 Strict Press Ups

Conditioning -

In Pairs - For Time

Row 1500m swop over every 250m

100 Burpees over Rower

80 Alternating KB Snatches

Finisher - 


Coaching Notes -

Make sure the Med Ball Slams are as hard as possible. Don't rush through them. Also make sure the box jumps are powerful. If comofrtable add height to the box or jump over it to add the need to explode in the jump.

With the strict press ups keep a tight midline. Use a band on the rig if needs be to assist you. We will show you this option. Try not to snake the press up. Also scale back to a box press up and build from there if needs be. Focus on drive and midline tension. If strong then scale up to ring press ups.

In the conditioning go HAM (google it!!!) really push each other and don't let up. Be consisitant in your reps and split how you need to. If uncomfortable with KB snatches then scale to dumbell snatches or KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull.


Have a great week guys. 

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong