2016 WK3



20160118 - Monday

Activation -

5 mins

30 Sec Hang/Kip/Kip Leg Raise

6-8 Glute Bridge

Strength - 

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 - 63%-93%

Strict Pull Ups 5xYour number

Conditioning - 

10 Rounds 12 min TC

6 KB Swings, 6 WB, 6 T2B

Finisher - 

3 Min Plank

On hands or Forearms

Coaching Notes -

Choose a rep range on pull ups that you can acheive for 5 sets with good form. If you're strong hold for 2 seconds atthe top of the pull. If pull ups aren't there then do 5 x Tempo ring rows, 3 up, 2 hold, 3 down, 2 hold. All pull ups should be from a dead hang no kipping

WOD- Scale T2B to Knee Raises or Sit Ups, KB Swings should be heavy if possible. The aim for the conditioning is to keep a pace throughout. Treat it as an EMOM if you need to so your heart rate is regulated all the way through. Move consistently with purpose. You should not have to break the reps and if starting toes to bar be able to really work on your technique at short rep range.


20160119 - Tuesday

Conditioning - 45 min class

'The Chief'

5x3 min rounds, 1 min rest

3 Power Cleans @60/40

6 Press Ups

9 Squats

Focus is on good form throughout

Scale to 45/25 or GTOH @20/15

Coaching Notes - 

Try and maintain a pace through the workout. DO NOT blow up in the first round!! Ideally the power cleans should be touch and go in every round that you do. Pick a weight you can acheive this. This will be repeated in around 4 weeks - NOTE YOUR SCORES


20160120 - Wednesday

Activation -

3 Rounds for Power

10 KB swings

3 Box Jumps

Strength - 

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 - 63%-93%

SA KB Press 5x10 Each Arm

Conditioning - 

For Form

10 Mins Continuous Turkish Get Ups

KB Can't touch the floor for duration. Each time the kettle bell drops complete 5 burpees.

Coaching Notes - 

Box Jumps - Need to be powerful as possible, good dip and big drive

SA KB Press - With moderate weight for form not load. Focus on midline tension, NO SIDE BEND OR ROTATION. Stay tight. This will help build midline structure and help to balance pressing strength if one arm is weaker than the other

TGU - Pick a weight that is challenging but form is perfect. Hold for 1-2 secs at each stage of the TGU. The idea is to create structue over a longer time, focus on shoulder and midline strength for injury prevention and to help with our pressing movements. Stay controlled and focused throught the 10 mins. Move with purpose not speed. This will be harder than you think. 


20160121 - Thursday

Activation - 

5x3 Broad jumps

Skill - 

Barbell Warm Up

In 10 Mins

Find a heavy Power Clean


EMOM for 6 Mins 3 Power Cleans at 60-70%

2 Sec pause in each Clean

Conditioning - 

5x 2 Min Amraps

15 Goblet Squats @24/16

In remaining time Amrap Burpees 

Rest 1 Min between rounds

Coaching Notes - 

Find a heavy clean for the day. This does not have to be a PB. Focus on good form and a perfect receive position. When completing the EMOM make sure you pause in the receive position for 2 seconds. This will reinforce good position and strength in your receive. It will also make you get back under the bar. 

In the conditioning try and stay within 5 reps of each round. Stay consistent with your pace. 


20160122 - Friday

Activation - 

3 Rounds for Form

Plank Taps

Side Lying Leg Raise x12-15 ES

Strength - 

Push Press 3-3-3-3-3 - 63%-93%

KB Romanian Deadlift 5x10

Conditioning - 

12 Min Amrap In Pairs

5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

10 Press Ups

5 Pistols EL

Finisher - 


Coaching Notes - 

For Plank Taps work on minimal rotation of the hips and make sure the shoulder are over the hands when at neutral. Use the feet for tension and stability when moving.

KB RDL should be done with moderate weight and one in each hand. Focus on flat back and slight bend in the knee. Do not worry about going too deep. Focus on tension in hamstring going down and glute recruitment coming up.

WOD - Pistols - if you can do pistols then please do. Focus on drive through the floor and tight midline if not then scale to assisted pistols or 15 air squats.

The workout is for us to asses single leg strength and mobility. If you are able to do chest to bar pull ups then please do. Scale to Pull Ups or rings rows if needed. Start to really work toward the kipping pull up. It is a short rep range so have a go. Upper body pulling will feature heavily in programming and we will get you all there.





Strength is a choice…choose to be strong