20140731 Thursday

As July draws to a close, the focus at Crossfit HG3 is a cheeky little barbell complex. Following that, a patner workout which sees rowing, lunging and moving dumbells overhead. Enjoy!

A) extended warm up

B) Barbell Complex  

1 deadlift

1 hang power clean

1 front squat

1 shoulder to overhead

Within 10mins find max, then pull back aprx 10% then 4x1 omem

C) Conditioning

12 min For distance

1 partner rows while the other OH lunges 1Om, 20 dumbell G2OH, OH lunges 10m

Then swap over.  

Your score is the distance rowed. 



Andy Ruddick

Rudds is Co-owner of director of training at CrossFit HG3. He is a Level 2 Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Crossfit Trainer and Personal Trainer. He also runs HG3 Kids programme from their Strength and Conditioning facility in Pannal, Harrogate.

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong