Wednesday January 4th

Great to see you guys back in the gym tonight and some seriously good intentions already for the new year! .

2012 Crossfit Games Regionals

This years Regionals open on the 1st of February for everyone to sign up and all the qualifying WOD's will be done at HG3 every week from the 22nd of February when the first one will be released. This is a great thing to do guys and all WODs can be scaled so everyone can do them. Its only $5 to enter and provides a great atmosphere in the gym. Check out the Crossfit Games Site for more information but we will keep you posted.


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3 Rounds of 30 each


Plank to press up hold

Plank to hold repeats




You have 3 attempts to find -

5RM Squat Clean




3 Rounds

In 5 Mins

Run 400m Then in the remaining time AMRAP

3 Thursters @40/20

6 KB Swings @24/16

9 Burpees

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong