At HG3 Fitness you will find a way of exercising, learning new skills, having a load of fun with amazing people, gaining new friends and is potentially lifestyle changing... for the better. All of this in a supportive, family friendly and welcoming environment.

So, what are HG3 Fitness Classes like?

The following may help you...

Is this kind of exercise for me?

HG3 Fitness program is a way of exercising that is based around the movements you use to function in your everyday life; squatting, lifting, carrying, running, jumping, throwing … the list goes on. Following the HG3 program will see you functioning better in your day to day life. Even if you are someone who struggles with historic injuries and recurring problems, our committed coaches can scale the program appropriately and modify the movements to suit your needs. Within a workout you will see people lifting at different weights, doing different scaled versions of the same movement patterns, and finishing at different times or with a different total of reps at the end. All of these people within the same workout will have worked at a level of intensity that is suitable for them at their stage of fitness.

Do I need to be fit before I start?

No! It is our job to get you fitter. Every single member of our gym has different starting points and end fitness goals. The way we work within small coaching groups allows us to ensure you are working at the right level for you to reach your potential. Our supportive community also means that there are plenty of others too help you on your way, share their stories, and enable you to reach your goal.

What does a HG3 class actually look like?

All the sessions are led by our fully qualified coach, their backgrounds include former CrossFit coaches, Personal Training and British Weightlifting coaches. Numbers are limited to around 14, so it becomes pretty much a small personal coaching session. We start with a warm up to mobilise your bodies. Our warm up is designed to be dynamic, to allow you to get the most from each session and not to fatigue you before your start. There is then an 'opener' workout which will get your heart rate up and will compliment the next skills & strength focused part of the session. This skill & strength section is heavily coached and will focus on either a strength work, gymnastic or Olympic lifting skill. This part allows you to hone your techniques and build up strength to ultimately achieve a PB  (personal best), when the time is right! We then finish with a conditioning workout.  Examples of the programming and workouts though can be found here.

What new skills will I learn?

At HG3 our coaches are committed to ensuring that you meet and exceed your goals, and ultimately achieve things you never thought you could. From kettlebell work, rope climbs, handstands, pull ups, double unders, Olympic lifting (yep, just like the stuff you see on the TV!) every member gains a new skill, and becomes more durable, fitter and stronger in the process.

Why should I choose HG3 Fitness?

When HG3 was opened in 2011, there was a vision of what we wanted to achieve: simply, to make people a better version of themselves. It is the detail in the coaching that sets us apart from everybody else. We are passionate about this and pride ourselves on ensuring everyone moves well. Without exception every single member of our HG3 community has exceeded their personal expectations from joining, and learnt new skills and more about themselves along the way. Please see our testimonials page for more in depth look at our the successes and achievements of our members.