Discover that you can do more than you ever thought...

I have been a member of Crossfit HG3 for two years and truly believe it is the best gym in Harrogate.
If you are prepared to work hard, then the results will come.I am lifting more and am fitter than I was 25 years ago.
In addition to the enthusiastic, quality training, led by Pete and Rudds, there is a lively and spirited community approach.
Celebration drinks, BBQs and special events such as Acrobalance, Paleo Diet Seminars and Running Workshops, all add to the fun.
My kids both attend the Crossfit Kids classes and are similarly enthused.
If you are bored with the classic gym approach of 20 minutes on a jogger followed by 20 minutes doing bicep curls, then give it a try.
Be prepared to discover that you can do more than you ever thought possible and enjoy the handstand photos on Facebook!
— Kevin Fullwood

Andy Ruddick

Rudds is Co-owner of director of training at CrossFit HG3. He is a Level 2 Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Crossfit Trainer and Personal Trainer. He also runs HG3 Kids programme from their Strength and Conditioning facility in Pannal, Harrogate.

Strength is a choice…choose to be strong