Programming Levels



The HG3 Fitness programme is for all levels from beginner to more advanced looking to get fitter, stronger, prevent injury and improve all round body function. The basis is built around gaining good movement patterns gained by completing the HG3 movement course. The emphasis is then on making sure these patterns are refined and correct before adding load and intensity. 

Once movement is to a high standard we then bring each person into our strength programme to build strength, lean muscle mass and also useful muscle. Having built proper muscle function and stability through joints with our activation programme we can bring anyone into the strength cycle at any point. This combined with high intensity fitness training is an amazing and powerful combination to make sure that your goals are achieved. This will help with fat loss, muscle mass increase and all round fitness. 

This programme will get you moving well, stronger, prevent injury and increase your all round fitness in so many ways and is infinitely scaleable and mouldable to any fitness level and can be catered around any injury. 


The HG3 Performance programme takes fitness and skill to the next level. This programme is for the more advanced athlete and each person must complete a prerequisite movement standards test before entering the programme. This ensures the programme is appropriate and the athlete will get the desired response and also training safely. 


Here we work with more Olympic lifting, gymnastics and high skilled movements to prepare the athlete for competition standards. It is a great way to work towards fitness competitions as well as improve your fitness for your chosen sport or athletic goals. It teaches full body awareness, power development and so much more from a rounded and varied programme.


The HG3 Masters programme caters to the masters among us. We class masters as over 40’s. This programme works from the same strength cycle as the Fitness programme but we help to cater some movements in a more appropriate manor. Each master is helped to understand what works best for them to achieve the goals they have set. It also takes into account training age. If a members is new and over 40 we shall use a different group of exercises to a member that has been training for 10 years and is well developed. 

This approach helps to decrease injury and increase all round fitness, helps to keep motivation high and makes her that the members is constantly developing the understanding of their body. It also makes sure that each master has appropriate recover between sessions and also during sessions to create the correct training stimulus.



Specially designed HIIT and strength session. Designed to give maximum results in minimal time