What is HG3?

HG3 Fitness is a premium strength and conditioning facility catering to all aspects of fitness, abilities and goals. Over the years we have developed as a gym, as trainers and as people and feel we have something truly special to offer. Andy and Pete have been in the fitness industry over 10 years and have developed a unique view on training that is second to none.


What is strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning is a fancy phrase for training with purpose and intention. Building strength is essential to staying healthy in your joints, bones and muscles for the rest of your life. It improves day to day tasks, helps make things that seem hard, become easy. Conditioning is the term used to describe getting fitter and training with intensity. We need to be conditioned so we can turn out ability to anything life throws at us. We wan to be able to lift loads and also use our body how efficiently. 


Why are we different?

At HG3 we believe in getting to know each and every person that walks through the door. We are not just talking about learning your name… thats the easy bit. We focus on understanding your goals, what drives you, why you are actually coming to the gym. For each person this is different and each person needs coaching and motivating in different ways. 

We focus on movement patterns first, load and intensity second. So many times we find you are thrown into classes with no instruction, 30 people in the room and you are expected to pick it up as you go along. Not at HG3. We teach you how to move, how to feel and connect to your body and also help you understand the difference between good and bad movement. You wouldn’t build a house on poor foundations, so why exercise with bad movement patterns? 

It’s not all serious at HG3, we do have fun at the same time. Our members are very focused, but they also know how to have a good time. We have and amazing community and new friendships are built through the daily struggle. We have social events through the year and have more than 70 people a year come to our annual Christmas Dinner. We believe in spending time with those that push you and motivate you to be a better person. Positive people earn positive results. 


Is it right for me?

Of course it is. There are so many ways to train these days, new classes, new gimmicks. Strength and conditioning has been around for years and will be around for the rest of time. It is a constant in the fitness world that keeps improving with time and research. 
Exercise is personal so you have to find the right way for you. Our way is not the right way for everyone, lets be honest some people don’t want to learn how to move, they want to go in, get blasted and leave. If thats you then maybe we aren’t for you. If you want to learn about a safe and effective way to train that will keep you fit for life, not just for a holiday, then we are the place for you. 

Do I need to be fit?

Not at all. You need absolutely no fitness what so ever to start. If you are fit already, then we will make you fitter and more efficient. It is our job to make you fitter and we have all different levels of fitness. Regardless of ability we take every single person on a clean slate and build you up. Everyone starts from the same level. Even professional athletes would start at the same place.


What is the Foundation Course?


Each and every person moves, feels, thinks, learns, acts differently. This is our unique nature and what makes each person amazing. To make sure we can cater to each member we want to get to know you, understand how you move, what works well and what needs work and also how you best learn and take on information. 

This helps us to be effective in our coaching and efficient in our group classes. We are here for you and our job is to get the most out of you. For this to work we need to spend time with you and make sure your journey to a better you is smooth and efficient. 

To do this best we ask each new member to complete one of our foundations courses before going into the main classes. Once you get going on them, you will really understand why and see so much benefit. Direct coaching is the best way to improve movement and function.