Goodbye 2014 hello 2015 !

Well, as the sun sets on 2014 and the dawn of 2015 is almost upon us, I wanted to take a moment to revisit a blog post I first wrote a couple of years ago.

Traditionally, December 31st is the day we all sit down with our best intentions and make a list of New Year's resolutions. If we don't manage to blow them all by 6pm on January 1st then we are over the first hurdle (hurray!), but although motivation is still high, chances are that by the time we hit the end of January  they are long forgotten and we fall back into the rut of mediocrity. 

So what's our answer? Well, if we take a look at Facebook today we can find lots of helpful advice telling us forget the whole New Year resolution deal and instead, make some goals. Not just ordinary goals you understand but the finest 'Marks and Spencers' SMART goals!

For those who don't know what SMART goal are, they are goals that are:-





5-Time Specific

Ok, but even with these SMART goals in place many still seem to fall by the wayside. How come? It appears just making goals in isolation, like New Years resolutions, is not answer. Well, at least not the whole answer.

So, once again, what is our answer and how do we  'Make it Happen'?


To best succeed we need to start at the very top and have a dream (very Martin Luther King I know, but it's true) This is something very high level, something that you really, really want to happen, but you don't directly have control of. There are other people or other influences that determine if that dream will come true for you. For example, going after the dream job: you can do all you can to try and secure it, but at the end of the day it is someone else's decision as to whether you are the successful applicant or not. That's not to say, however, you cannot do everything in your power to work towards achieving that dream, so don't throw in the towel just yet!


After knowing what our dream is, we need to focus on what has to be done achieve it. Each stone can have a goal, or a small set of goals, attached to them. These can be your SMART goals.

Goals should have a focus and a direction. There is nothing worse than achieving a goal, only to find that it's the end of the story and you are left asking why the hell did I want to achieve that goal anyway? Goals do work well, but they must fit into the overall plan, and have a definition of how they can be measured. It is good to attach a timescale to all your goals, and use goals as stages progressing thoughout your overall plan, not just in isolation.

Goals do motivate us by providing targets to achieve but be warned, only focus on 1 or 2 in each main area of your life at a time, as taking on too much will almost certainly result in overload and inevitable failure.



For me this is one of the key areas to ensure success. Be sure you really, no I mean really, want what it is you are working towards. If not, go and find a new dream as this one has already failed. This may sound obvious, but avoid the trap of getting caught up in the motivation of the moment. The harsh reality is that motivation is only short lived, you can only stay motivated for so long. What happens when motivation runs out, what is there to replace it? Commitment. Commitment is the single most powerful asset you have to achieve what you want. We can all be motivated, for example, to train hard on bright sunny mornings, in warm weather, when we don't have other commitments or we don't have more exciting things to do. It is commitment that we need to see us through the dark mornings, the cold training sessions, having to juggle family and training, or your new exciting relationship with Gina, the Argentinian Tango instructor who wants to go out for dinner every night rather than sticking to your 'eat clean' diet……you get the point. It is commitment that makes winners.


Be kind to yourselves, plan rewards and celebrations for each goal or foundation stone you achieve. I have always found making visible records a great help to measuring progress, and it is something we actively encourage when training at HG3. Another great idea is to display helpful reminders of what you want to achieve in prominent places. Why not print them off and put them in your training bag or on your desk at work or even attach to the fridge? It is never fun doing something difficult alone, so why not do it with a friend? If you know someone who wants to achieve the same as you why not support each other and buddy up?


So you are all fired up; you have a dream, you have your goals, you have declared your commitment to your cause, and you are getting the job done. You are doing great! But to be truly successful in this process, you must be accountable. You need to review your plan regularly and ensure you are hitting your targets - if you're not, then work out why and adjust the plan. It is all too easy drop into the mentality of 'it was others that made me fail', or 'it was the circumstance that made me fail' and never me. This thinking should be reversed, and the first person accountable should be yourself. What did I do that prevented me from succeeding and what can I do to change that? You do have to be pretty strict with yourself here: look deep inside and face the music if you have not stuck to your plan. If you make yourself accountable, rather than others, then you are empowered to succeed - it is in your hands - do everything you can to make it happen!


Finally when you are all done and dusted, take time to reflect. Even if you didn't succeed totally then be happy and accept partial successes, all was not lost and a lot was still achieved. Take the time to look back and celebrate what you have accomplished. 

If you need help with anything discussed in this post, please speak to myself or Pete and we will be happy to sit down with you and help you plan.

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"Best thing I ever did joining crossfit. Its given me a whole new lease of life and confidence. Wish I'd done it years ago" - Caroline Chapman


What we do at HG3 ...

At HG3 Strength and Conditioning we don’t follow fads, we go back to basics and build the machine…. yes we mean you. We incorporate every aspect of fitness in one rounded programme to achieve maximum results. We specialise in GPP (General Physical Preparedness), Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting and gymnastic movements. 

At HG3 we don’t just give you a programme and leave you to it, we take the time to go back to the start, working on technique and movement patterns before increasing intensity. We will show you how to get most out of your time at HG3, how to move safely and efficiently at all times. We use mobility and activation to overcome imbalances and weakness getting it right from the start.

But don’t I have to be fit to join?

Not at all. At HG3 we cater for all starting fitness levels and offer a number of options from personal training & group classes through to competition level programmes. We don’t believe it is right that you are just thrown in at the deep end, instead you are coached, supported and guided on your journey within a supportive environment.

Why do we do this?

In the modern world we want fitness right now! A short term fix or that ‘holiday body’. Our top level coaches at HG3 want to change that mentality and create a lifestyle of fitness. This will leave you feeling amazing all the time, confident, strong, energetic, focused and motivated to gain the results you deserve.

And just for you...

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Voodoo magic?

Todays blog post is by our guest blogger Jessica Large,  CrossFix Physiotherapy 

Voodoo Flossing is just one of the many techniques used to increase range of movement and mobility within a joint or area, but is also used as a method to reduce swelling of a tissue or joint.

Kelly Starret, a world-renowned physiotherapist and author of the Supple Leopard, states that in his opinion voodoo “flossing is the most powerful and effective method in restoring the range of motion and position with a joint or tissue” (Starret, 2013). However you still need to incorporate other mobility exercises such as foam rolling and resistance band exercises.

Voodoo Flossing is a compression based mobilisation method. The concept behind the method is through the re-perfusing of tissues once the band has been released.  As the rush of blood to the capillaries of the muscle/tissues helps aid recovery of that area. By restricting the blood flow it not only intensifies the stretch but alters the mechanics of the muscle that may be restricting a certain movement e.g. squat. It also adds extra load on the joint increasing the range of movement, all in all encouraging recovery and improvement. E.g if you wrap the band around your knee and perform a squat, this will load the joint and create a flexion-gapping force, restoring the joints natural sliding surfaces, which will increase your mobility by restoring the joints range of movement and improving muscle contraction and also pain, due to scar tissue being compressed and  removed within the muscle/tissue. 

 How to Floss (increase Range of movement).

  1. Start a few inches below or above the area you would like to floss (joint or muscle)
  2. As wrapping overlap the band by an inch keeping 50% tension on the band
  3. At the specific area increase the tension to 75% on the band
  4. If you have any band left create an X over the area or joint
  5. Move the joint through their range of motion, as it will allow 


As mentioned above you can also use voodoo flossing as a method to reduce swelling within a joint or muscle/tissue. By using the band to compress the area you are pushing the swelling out and into the lymphatic system, which is drained from the body.

It is important to say that this type of flossing requires a different technique, compared to the one above. 

How to Floss Swelling:

  1. Rule number 1: ALWAYS wrap towards the heart
  2. When wrapping ensure a half inch (approx) band overlap
  3. Start at the bottom of the limb, (ankle = start at the bottom of the foot) and wrap upwards
  4. Apply a 50% stretch on the band, when wrapping over the swollen area
  5. You want to cover the whole area with the band
  6. Move the ankle up towards you and to the floor

To Note when Flossing

  • It can be a little uncomfortable when the band is wrapped
  • Sometimes red marks appear once you unwrap, but that is just the blood near the top of the skin-which is fine
  • However if you get numbness, tingling or pins and needles take the band of straight away
  • Quick Safety check: touch the skin should turn white but then return to a normal colour….if it stays white take the band off 

Meet Tom Williams!


Tom Williams has been with us a just over a year, recently he had a little break of around 3 months. When he came back he had a plan and stuck to it. I asked him to sit down with me and go over some of the things he felt helped along the way. Below is a little more about Tom and how he came back stronger and better than ever before. 


Who is Tom Williams?

Father to Aston (8 weeks) and Rosie (three years), husband to Helen, Managing Director of parkrun UK, presenter of the Marathon Talk podcast and novice CrossFitter.


How long have you been training at HG3?

I did a taster session with Pete on Saturday the 19th of October 2013 so I've just celebrated my 1st HG3 anniversary.


What did you do before HG3?

I'm 40 years old so quite a lot ;-) Not much that made me stronger though. Training wise I've run around 20 stand-alone marathons with a PB of 2:49 and completed seven Ironman triathlons with a PB of 9:24. I wish I'd known how weak I was in those days though, CrossFit would have helped so much and I'd never train for endurance sports without it now my eyes have been opened.


What has been the biggest change for you so far?

My basic functional strength has changed so much and is something I'm aware of every single day. A three-year-old daughter takes quite some work and the improvement in my ability to do simple things like lift her up in the air has changed more than I could have imagined. You don't realise how little strength you have until you try to lift something off the floor, especially something that gets a tiny bit heavier every single day.


You stopped training for a while... how come? 

When I first joined HG3 I was training for Manchester Marathon, running 70 miles per week and hitting three CrossFit sessions was too much for someone with a busy job and active family so when I crossed that finish line something had to give. Unfortunately I'm all about routine and find a bad routine just as easy to adopt as a good routine.


Were you nervous about coming back... if so why?

I wouldn't say nervous, but I certainly paid the price. The 7th of July was my first session since the 22nd of April and it seemed at the time that I'd undone all my work form those first six months at HG3. All the coaches and members at HG3 are super welcoming though and seeing as I'd been made to feel so at home when I first started I visualised myself being back on day one… with the advantage of knowing so much more about what was coming.


What was your plan upon your return?

For the first five or six sessions back I only lifted a bare training bar or a very light weight for strength stuff and stretched while everyone else did the WODs. In my first session back I wrote the following notes…


Turkish get-ups… forgot technique and needed to do them slowly with no weight.


Back squats… three sets of ten reps with training bar, stretched in-between sets.


WOD… didn't do the WOD, instead spent time on foam roller.


Why didn't you just jump back in?

I've spent the best part of 20 years doing something related to fitness, exercise or health and know all too well that the biggest mistake novice athletes make is to do too much too soon. Small incremental changes over longer periods of time always provide the most powerful long term results and jumping straight back in where you left off pretty much always results in injury. In running I recommend people budget for one week of training per every week out i.e. if you don't run for four weeks you should allow another four weeks to get back to where you were.


Has it worked?

So far! In September/October I set all-time PBs in pretty much every lift and as I start my second year at HG3 I'm most definitely the strongest I've ever been in my life. I've even finally got the hang of double-unders. Almost.


Did you feel like you weren't doing enough?

I would have done if I hadn't had past experiences of similar 'comebacks' in running and triathlon. In endurance sport there is a term called the 'negative split' which means finishing a race faster than you started it… I believe we should carry that mind-set into individual training sessions, training weeks, blocks and even entire years. The key to achieving that is always to start easier than you think you should.


How do you feel now you're back to the main programming?

I'm really enjoying it and after a year can probably manage to hit Rx in 30-40% of the scheduled sessions. I came here to get stronger so am prioritising weight and form over speed, I also still consider myself very much a novice. Both those factors mean you'll normally see me completing less reps or taking more time than the majority of the class, but I reckon in another year I might be able to Rx everything… which for a once puny runner would be pretty cool.


Anything else you can think of to add?

Since shaving the front off both shins doing box jumps I can highly recommend my £5.99 football shin pads. 


A plan is something that we all need and the ability to be strong and stick to it is the hard part. Even when you take a break, make sure you have a plan to return. Jumping back in where you left off is never the best idea!!!!

The one where Jess talks about mobility.

Guest Blog from CrossFix Physiotherapy - Jess Large

As I am sure you all have noticed, mobility and activation exercises have started to be incorporated into the warm up and at the beginning of each class. You can see how 60 seconds in a certain position with a resistance band alters our flexibility resulting in an increased range of movement i.e. the front rack positionSo we know it works, but why is it important?

So what do we mean when we say mobility? Mobility in its simplest definition is a joint moving through its designed range of motion. If a joint has a reduced range of motion, the joint and its surrounding musculature(muscles, ligaments and tendon positioning around the joint) will not performing to its optimum potential. 

Carrying out mobility exercises enables you to move your joints and muscles through their full range of motionReducing your limitations in certain movements will increase your ability to be able to attain the optimal position during various exercises within a WOD or a lift. By attaining the joints and musculature optimal performance results in you being able to achieve the correct form in the set- up of a lift and sustain this correct form through the different stages of/throughout the movement.  Overall this results in greater power outputan increase in strength and productivity in WODs. More importantly it reduces the risk of injury within the joint and its surrounding musculature. 

Over the coming months I hope to be able to present some information about the different joints and their structure through movement. I will try to demonstrate how mobility, or lack of, impacts the joint and performanceand I will give you some advice on how to correct it. 

I am here to help you work through your ‘sticking point;areas that are sore or have reduced mobility.  I can carry out an initiaassessment and then work with you to put a programme together in order to improve your flexibility/mobility. In turn this will have a positive impact on your overall fitness ability allowing you to carry outthe movements as efficient as possible. Please contact me if you want to make an appointment. (charges do apply)

Below are 6 mobility exercises that are deemed as the essential 6 for maximum mobility, which are supported by Kelly Starret, a physiotherapist who specials in mobility for functional fitness and author of the book Supple Leopard.

By Jessica Large 

CrossFix Physiotherapy


HG3 Masters At War

This past weekend we had 2 amazing teams compete at Train Manchester in the Masters At War competition. A pairs competition that is open for all to enter. We had Caroline and Kev, and Chris and Shaz representing HG3 and what an incredible effort they all put in. Caroline and Kev have both done a write up each that I thought we would share. Well done guys. We are so proud of you all. 

And the results........ Kev and Caroline finished 21st and Chris and Shaz finished 24th out of 26 teams. Amazing work guys. 



Masters at war...a year in the making - By Caroline Chapman

If someone had told me a year ago that I'd be taking part in the Masters of war competition, I would have laughed out loud.  Having just started CrossFit I could never have believed I was capable and thought that kind of thing was completely out of my league.

Fast forward a year and when I saw a message from Kevin on Facebook I was intrigued and decided to find out a bit more about it..... before I knew it I had signed up!

To anyone vaguely thinking about doing a competition my advice would be...go for it.  Don't be scared.  Just having a go is key.  Anyone can do it...but for most the biggest challenge is overcoming their own inner doubts. Now I'm never going to win one of these competitions. I understand the dedication required to do that in terms of time and energy.  As a busy working mum with 2 kids I manage to train at Crossfit twice sometimes three times a week.  Yet the encouragement and support from the HG3 team and the friendliness of the other competitors makes you feel you are never 'going it alone'.

I was nervous on arrival, not knowing what to expect.  I felt intimidated by some of the more athletic, muscular competitors and yet within minutes I was put at ease by how lovely the people were. The thing I love most about the CrossFit community is that no one is made to feel stupid.  Just by having a go you are truly made to feel welcome. As for the WODS, well I learned so much about my abilities but also the things I can improve on.  I now know what my 12 month goal will understand the importance of pacing yourself correctly in a WOD.

I also learned new techniques that meant I could go that bit faster, like on the kettlebell swings where Kev showed me how to start the swing through the legs so that I could launch straight into the overhead swing.  I can now use this new found knowledge in the HG3 WODS.

A friend asked me how I felt when I'd finished.  Without hesitating I said "I wanted it to start all over again!!"  She laughed..."And would you do it again?" she asked. "Without a doubt!" I answered.  That's the thing about CrossFit, overcoming your fears gives you a confidence boost no amount of money can buy. Jessica said ''I had such fun cheering mum and Kev on, and Sharon and Chris, I had a very nice day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'




Noun – the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others:

Masters at War Competition, at Train Manchester.

I am pretty sure Caroline, Sharon, Chris and I were not going to this event to ‘defeat others’ and ‘establish our superiority’. We are not natural athletes; just normal people who deal with the daily pressures of life (shopping, kids, work, etc.) and happen to enjoy a shared interest in CrossFit, mostly at HG3.

The Masters at War event for me was an opportunity to test my skills, strength and endurance with a group of like minded individuals in a ‘competitive but supportive’ environment. Maybe we weren't going to win but we were going to try hard – very hard. We talked in advance of strategies for the WoDs and acknowledged a few ‘challenges’ to confront.

Everyone who rows hard knows the feeling of intense lactic acid build up and the overwhelming feeling that your lungs may explode. Jumping on and off the rower to undertake American Kettlebell swings and Thrusters in WoD1 made it even more interesting.

The big question for WoD2 was how to split the 100kg – 50/50kg, 60/40kg or 70/30kg? An ideal would have been 65/35kg but in the end Chris and I settled for the option of 70kg. The ladies powered through their sets and we both did our best to keep up. The fourth round of six front squats, followed by three overhead lifts made my legs wobble.

Spirits picked up as we broke for lunch and chatted with our enthusiastic spectators – Gabe, Jess, Juice, Rudds and Sarah but we all knew what was coming. WoD3 was a twelve minute time caped chipper, with 60 pull ups being our major challenge.

The outcome was interesting and proved to me why we compete. I am immensely proud of the gutsy way that Sharon continued to try and muster a pull-up in front of the crowd. I am immensely proud of the determination from Chris to finish them off (raising a massive cheer), despite ripped hands. I am immensely proud of Caroline giving her all and not stopping when she was ‘no repped’. I am also proud of managing to get my 100kg bulk over the bar with decent form.

When the twelve minutes were up on the final WoD I felt absolutely bloody brilliant.We didn’t finish the WoD, we didn’t defeat the others and we didn’t win a prize.We did it to prove that we could and weren’t afraid to confront our fears.It is a wonderful feeling and I recommend it to all.

Speak to Pete and Rudds at CrossfitHG3 about how to prepare.

Train Manchester was a great venue, industrial, functional but welcoming – just like me.


Upon Reflection.

You are not the person you once were…. that person has gone and a better one now lives inside you.
— Peter Davis 2014!!!

A year on and a lot has changed, for not only myself, but for all of you in the gym. Now I know what you're thinking… who’s that good looking, muscular chap in that photo and why was he so bloated and fat in the other one?!? That's what I thought. 

These two photos were taken exactly a year apart at the same competition, with the same weight and about the same time in the event. As you can see… there is a big difference in the two. I know you think it, but, I am not a superhuman athlete that is 100% dialled in all of the time, trains 5 days a week, sleeps 8 hours and eats a bad meal one in every 100 meals! I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's just not true! I am lucky enough to have 2 businesses that are going well and need a lot of attention, a fiancee, hobbies and somewhere in there I try and fit in a life! Now I'm not complaining, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. But, we all have busy times and training focus lacks, nutrition goes out the window and the inevitable happens... we get a little rough round the edges!! 

So why am I putting semi naked photos that I’m not so proud of for you all to see? Self perception and self reflection is so important in all parts of life, but do we take time to do it? 

I, like many others, do not have the highest opinion of myself, maybe on the outside I do but deep down I’m still the fat kid I see in my school uniform. But then I see a photo of myself and think… Wow, look where I am now.

Over the last few months I have had many questions such as, why can’t I do this yet? Why haven’t I lost body fat yet? why haven’t I? shouldn’t I be? I want to have this but why don’t I? Which lead me to think. Do we sit back and reflect enough… if ever?

Each person's training life will be different. What normally happens is, we start training, adaptation is high and we see fast paced achievements, large strength gains, mobility improves quickly, we feel better, stronger faster and fitter. 6 months down the line and these changes still happen but at half the pace, another 6 months and they slow down do a snails pace. What used to be 20kg jumps are now 1kg steps, 2 minute pb’s on a WOD are now 10 second improvements. Technique works gets harder as the focus is so small rather than a whole movement. Sound familiar?!?! Thought so. 

When this happens you have 2 options. Get frustrated or get motivated. The most common is being frustrated. It happens all the time. But why? We haven’t taken time, reflected and sat back to remember where we came from and what we have really achieved in what is a short space of time. 

Self Perception is so important to grow confidence and gain consistent improvement in training, work, life, relationships etc. We want to feel motivated, proud, confident and indestructible as much as possible. Self worth is so so powerful so why not try and improve it. 

Here are a few tips to help take the time to reflect.

1 - Log your training - taking note of your training not only helps to work numbers out, but acts as a great tool to see, on paper, how much you have improved and in what time frame. If you haven't improved then your training diary will tell you why. Every month or two sit and look at what you have achieved. if it’s empty, kick your ass and get back in the gym. 

2 - Find time for yourself - Once a month (at a minimum), take 30 mins to sit and think about the month, what you did well, what you improved upon from last month and set new short term goals for the month ahead. Write these down so you can see and read what you have accomplished.

3 - Ask questions - Ask your coaches what they feel you have done well. If you don’t believe yourself then ask someone else if they think your doing well. A good and honest coach will give you a straight answer. 

4 - Reward yourself - A new t shirt, pair of trainers, protein, fish oils etc are all small, affordable and worth while things to get yourself for achieving you goals. Self reward is huge. Feel a sense of worth and achievement for being amazing. 

5 - Leave the gym feeling better - If you leave the gym annoyed at yourself you will have a bad feeling about your training. I know it's hard but leave it at the gym. Before you leave make sure you think about what you did and find one thing you did well. Take that with you for the day as I guarantee you… no gym session is all bad. Hey… you turned up, did the work, therefore you are better, fitter stronger than you were when you walked in! What's that? Every time I come to the gym and do a session I leave a better person…. if that's not enough motivation then what is?!?!?

I know that these two photos show a huge improvement, not just in physique but focus on consistency training and nutrition, in a year, which in the grand scheme of my long life ahead, is a very small time frame! HG3 has only been open 4 years… no one is yet perfect, no athlete, person or human is ever perfect. They are mouldable, adaptable and always have room for improvement. Just make sure you reflect back on what you have achieved, overcome and learnt in the time you have been training, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find! 

Our good friends at Dragon Crossfit put it well with this sign above the door! 

European Inferno 2014 - Review

Rudds and I have this weekend been absolutely blown away…. why? You guys! 

Last weekend we took 12 teams down to Cardiff to compete in the European Inferno. A two day competition designed for athletes of all levels, CrossFitters, rugby players, footballers, and netball players alike were all invited to get involved. It turned out that mostly crossfit athletes turned up… but who cares!!! It is designed so it is inclusive for all and not featuring any movements that are too technical. It is a the perfect place for those looking to start competing to have a go in a very relaxed and friendly environment. Last year we took 6 or 7 teams but this year the level of interest rose quickly as we told everyone how good it was. As soon as registration opened HG3 took the plunge and got 12 team spots. For some this would be the first time competing and for others it’s a regular thing. However it was sure to be a hell of a weekend. 

We travelled down on the Friday, everyone registered, collected athlete bands and then settled into hotels. Once we met for dinner it was clear to see that some of the guys were a little nervous about what lay ahead of them over the weekend. As much as we tried to calm the nerves and tell them it would be no more than 1000 people watching them at any time…. they were even more nervous!! A good feed and some WOD tactic talk settled everyone down and we all went back for an early night to make sure we were on top form in the morning. 

Rudds and I had chatted over dinner about our expectations for the weekend and what we thought might happen. Little did we know that what we thought, was about to be proved wrong, by being even better than we could have ever imagined. 

Team HG3 rocked up bright and early in full team attire and looked sharp… all the gear and no idea… I think not!! Walking through the door to your first competition and seeing the arena, the crowd and vendors is always a daunting experience. Not for HG3. The guys embraced the environment straight away and were eager to get stuck in. We all sat together and listened to the judges briefing on the first few workouts for the day and then went about getting a good seat to watch the ladies start the day. 

So here we go, the first WOD. Clean complex and thrusters…. good way to start. This is the one workout that I think most were worried about. In the week running up to the Inferno we had all had a chance to practice and decide what weight we would start at.  This was crucial to make sure that everyone went in confident and knowing what they could achieve. The ladies set the event off with a bang!! Nearly every pair hitting a PB and coming away from it in shock of what they just did. Debs hit 47.5, a huge increase on her max clean at 42.5. Lizzie made a 50kg with only having 3 short months of lifting experience. Bexx and Dalby hit a solid 65kg each. You could see as soon as that was over the stress was gone and they were now enjoying the atmosphere. It’s hard not to bring the best out of yourself when nearly 1000 people are shouting at you!! 

Caroline, taking part in her first competition, and also being a late entry to the teams, gave a huge effort and was about to really see what she is capable of. This weekend for her was just about to be the start of another chapter in her training and CrossFit life! After the ladies heats had finished smiles were beaming from the faces and the weekend was well underway. All that worry was now gone! 

The lads stepped up and all eyes were on Knoxy and Josh, the hot tip from HG3 to be in the top portion of the table. The pair had been training like beasts for 3 months to make sure they did the best they could and that they did. Hitting 2 workouts a day and simulating the competition environment meant they went in confident and with all to gain. They had practiced the thrusters before the event and managed 106, on the day they crushed it and got a huge 121. This would set them up nicely for a great weekend. Rudds and I managed to stay in the game, loosely!! Whilst Ben and Tom and Ian and Ant got off to a great start, both hitting PB’s on the clean complex and pushing hard on the thrusters. 

A great start by all involved and now it’s time for a little bit of sprint work. 8 x 150m Run, *150m is 6 x 25m with a Down /Up on each 25m Shuttle. The rounds are alternating with one athlete working at any one time (4 x 150m each) . This cheeky little workout reared its ugly head last year and absolutely smoked people. Yet again it had the same effect. Hamstring and glute heavy, this meant people were waddling rather than walking by the end! Lydia, competing with a sprained ankle, pushed through the pain and the girls finished second in their heat! Tiff and Rudds are, shall we say, not built for running but absolutely crushed the workout and really pushed through. Rudds looked like Daniel Craig…. on the first 25 metres!!! 

We all tried to rest and recover between each WOD, especially the sprint one, with good food, stretching and hydrating but one person in particular kept most of us together. Team Physio Jess Large kept on going all weekend and made sure we were in good shape. Even whilst recovering herself she found time to stretch, poke, prod, tape and cause indescribable pain to many! The whole team seriously appreciated it. It was so good to see everyone taking responsibility for their own recovery and warm ups for each event. It really shows how much you guys all take care of yourself.

Dumbell snatches, wheel barrow walks and buddy carries, not something you will find at the CrossFit games but it sure was fun at the Inferno! Not many had done dumbbell snatches before but you couldn’t tell. Movement patterns were dialled in in during the warm up and the guys are ready to roll.  Tiff and Caroline owned this WOD and showed amazing grit and determination getting through. Caroline in particular really pushed hard and never let the rest of the heat get too far away. The last buddy carry home was strong and fast and they finished in good time. Clare and Louise took it slow and steady through this. Louise showed that form and fitness take a ling time to go away as she had been on holiday for a while. Grit and determination really pulled through. 

Day one was in the bag and it was smiles and some sleepy eyes all round! A good feed and rest were needed. Some of us were lucky enough to sneak in to David Lloyds and hit the pool, sauna steam room and Jacuzzi, cooling down in the outdoor pool and even hitting the couch stretch in the Jacuzzi. Bonus! Great night with the team and some good chat all round set us up nicely for a last push on day two. 

Bright eyed and surprisingly still mobile, we all came down to the arena to get day 2 off to a good start. Josh and Knoxy were sat in 23rd and hoping for a big day to get them into the top 10 for the final. Time for a bit of rowing and running, up step the 6 foot monsters - The Henderson brothers!! Off like a shot Ant pulled a great 1.28 500m row and set off on the run to give Ian a good lead! Ian then pulled a 1.36 500m and they both left the WOD happy as this was right in their wheelhouse. Ben and Tom were in heat 6 for this one and really pushed hard. Tom coming back from illness was a hero all weekend and found another gear in himself and really pushed Ben hard. Team Astronauts was amazing to watch!! 


One more to go and the weekend for many is done and dusted and the long drive home was becoming a bit more real! Deadlifts, down ups and a little run was the finisher for the day before the top 10 cut! 100kg’s for the guys and 60kg’s for the ladies. This was a heavy weight for some of the ladies and some nerves set in. A good chat from Rudds on form over intensity set them all up for a hell of a finish. We really try and dial form in as much we can and it was great to see the guys staying true to this. Taking breaks when needed when they knew form was about to go. From a coaching point of view it was amazing to see. Shaz pushed hard all weekend and let out the ‘Shaz scream’ in he first round, we knew she was pushing hard and continued to push Charlotte all the way through to the end. Strong Mums are a force to be reckoned with and Shaz proved this all weekend. Jane and Teri, being two of our smaller athletes, showed that weight doesn’t matter, form and strength got them through right to the end! Caroline let all her emotions out on this WOD and rightly so. She had been an absolute inspiration all weekend. Coming in last minute and getting involved she really found another level. She was a privilege to watch all weekend with such heart and determination to push herself. 

Knoxy and Josh pushed so hard all weekend but couldn’t quite make the top 10. An amazing first competition for them both as pair saw them finish 33 out of 180 male teams! Amazing to watch on both the weekend and in all the training I saw them do before, alongside their partners in crime Lizzie and Lydia who also put in a huge amount of training for the event. Well done guys. A success all round for all involved and so so many smiling faces coming away from a tough weekend. 


Rudds and I sat back and watched over the weekend with smiles beaming from our faces, sometimes nearly tears (more me than Rudds). The reason being is that we were both so so proud of the way everyone represented themselves and the gym in such an incredible fashion. You are all a product of hard work and determination and you should sit back and be proud of yourselves. Rudds and I can coach all we can but you do the work, you put in the time, the effort and the focus to get the results so you greatly deserve. The whole gym has been part of this weekend and the atmosphere has been incredible to be part of. You all filled the weekend with tears, pain, smiles and laughter and came away from it as stronger people, not just in your training. 

Lets get some rest and hit the training hard once again with continued focus. Next year is going to be another level! 

#strengthisachoice #teamhg3

The teams and final placings.

Bexx and Dalby - 69 

Lizzie and Lydia - 56

Lizzy and Debs - 88

Shaz and Charlotte - 86

Sam and Jess - 79

Tiff and Caroline - 78

Clare and Louise - 87

Jane and Teri - 73

Pete and Rudds - 153

Knoxy and Josh- 33

Ant and Ian - 123

Ben and Tom - 146

The WoDs -

Workout 1

5 Mins to establish a combined Max. Total Clean Complex.

Clean Complex - 1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean (above knee)

60 sec transition into

Workout 2

4 mins Max. Rep Thrusters 40/25kg

Workout 3……….it's BACK with a twist!!

For Time:

8 x 150m Run

*150m is 6 x 25m with a Down /Up on each 25 m Shuttle.

The rounds are alternating with one athlete working at any one time (4 x 150m each)

Workout 4

For Time -


One Arm DB snatches 20/15kg

Partner Wheel Barrow Walk (meters)

Partner Carry (meters)

Workout 5

For Time

Partner 1 must complete a

500 m Row into 600 m indoor run

then tags

Partner 2 who must complete a

500 m row into 600 m indoor run 

Workout 6

For Time

6 Alternating Rounds (3 Each)

10 synchronised Down/Up
50m Plate carry 20/10kg
10 Deadlifts 100/60kg 

Masters of the Universe - part 1

I have been wanting to write a post about ‘Masters' training since returning from the Raising the Bar competition in Cardiff earlier this year. Time is always short, but am pleased that now there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I can get back to writing more regularly. 

Firstly let me start with a brief overview of what we mean when we refer to 'Masters'. Master is a term used to categorise, how shall I put this … those athletes that are advancing in years and enjoining their second flourish of youth. In CrossFit terms, in the UK, we are talking over 40s, in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, those over 35, in other sports you may be referred to as a Veteran, and so on and so forth.

Personally I favour the term ‘Masters’ over the others.  So, what does this term mean in everyday life? The answer is very little. We are at the top of our game, kings of our castles, enjoying the finer things life has to offer, however in terms of fitness and sporting pursuits this honoured title indicates something has changed. Whether that be we find we aren't moving quite as quickly as we once did, or it takes a little bit longer to get into our groove or just our reasons for training have changed. Often this can be a source of demotivation, irritation, concern, stress … or even panic. Well, it need not be, it just means we have to realign our expectations and our focus slightly. 

In this post, Masters of the Universe, I would like to give you my take on what it means to train as a Master at HG3. 

I am going to open this with a simple question. Why on earth do we train?

From the people that I speak with, the reasons we do this type of training are as broad as they are varied, from being part in a great community, to learning new skills; but the one that is amplified as we get older is we do it so that we don’t suck at life. It allows us to enjoy everything we do outside of the gym a little bit more, all the fun stuff, our such as playing with our kids or grand kids or pursuing hobbies, sailing, walking or even cycling from Leeds to Spain (if you are that way inclined)…but most importantly to enjoy it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are competitive masters athletes, but lets make no bones about it, the majority of us aren’t them. Our reasons, our motivations are different. Remember you are not Bill Robbs - Don't think you are. This will only cause you pain and a feeling of inadequacy.

So, now we have established why we train, we need to examine how we should train; to look at some of the common mistakes we make and think about how we can change our focus to get the most out of training. This is what I put under the general heading of training smart. For me that means how can I train effectively (those that know me, you will know my beliefs on efficient vs effective training - if not, maybe, we will visit in a future blog post) to deliver the results I want without spending my whole life in the gym or feeling broken every time I train. I have listed a few thoughts below, these are by no means exhaustive, just more of my big hitters….

Train regularly but with ample time to recover. A good mix is a Monday, Wednesday and Friday with maybe a weekend session every now and again.  This pattern gives a good balance between work and recovery. It is the recovery part of our training where the gains are made.  While we are talking about recovery we should probably all pay closer attention to our nutrition, making sure we are eating well. Without good food in, our performance and recovery is going to be out of the window.

Rx for Masters.

On some workouts you will see there are Masters’ recommended weights programmed. The reason for this is that I design the workouts with a specific response in mind. If the weight is too much, it becomes more of a slog and you are not getting the speed and power stimulus I am looking for. It doesn’t mean you are working any less hard, it means that you are able to go at the appropriate intensity to get the desired response.  

As we start to get a little older we all feel a little tighter, a little stiffer, and in general need a bit longer to get going. Along with a sufficient warm up we also need to make sure we spend ample time on our flexibility. I would argue that although mobilisation work is important at any age, it becomes more so as we travel through our Master journey. As a general rule of thumb we should spend twice as long on flexibility as as we do on training. There is little point doing overhead work unless you can get the bar overhead without compromising form or being in pain. Similarly you need to be able to maintain good range of motion at speed in order to drop into the receiving position of the clean or snatch. These points aren't exclusive to Masters, however they do become more of a focus for us. Working on flexibility will also lessen the chances of injuries, and reduce those aches and niggles. 

Listen to your body 

This next point follows on nicely from mobility. Listen to what your body is telling you.  If you are in pain, real pain, not just the 2nd rounds of Cindy pain, then stop. If your body is not recovering and is tired then rest it; if you don’t you will get injured - I don’t want that and you definitely don't want that. You are not indestructible and the push on through mentality that may have worked in our formative years with not work so well for us now.

Listen to your coach

If you are not going to listen to your own body, listen to your coach. They are there to help you exercise safely and point you in the right direction. Please be guided by them - this is what they do.

Keep your eyes on your own work
So here’s the game changer. The day that you let go and stop comparing your scores with the younger guys and girl’s in the box and concentrate on getting the work done, and just enjoying it for what it is, is the day that everything will get easier. Well, when I say easier, not necessarily the workouts, but the whole beating yourself up about numbers will. 

My last passing shot on this, as I go and rub some horse liniment on my aching joints, - lighten up, train hard ….and as Baz Lurmann says … stretch & be kind to your knees ! 

HG3 Barbell Club - going from strength to strength!

Captain Coop

Captain Coop

Recently we decided to extend our Olympic lifting classes. It is something that we tried to do about two years ago, but guess people just weren't ready for it then. We have slowly built up from our Sunday Service offering to establishing the HG3 Barbell Club, which meets 3 times a week. This time the take up for the classes has simply blown us away.  We have seen the classes practically full every session and people really embracing the opportunity to refine their Snatch and Clean and Jerk. 

In the first 4 weeks we concentrated on the lifts from scratch. Going though drills and the key points to lifting correctly and safely. From this we moved to refine those movements, making slight adjustments and looking at the finer, more detailed points of the lifts. Session after session we saw the same faces coming back, eager for more. After talking with everyone, we decided it would be great to work on a 3 session, 12 week progressive cycle, more as an experiment to see the results this would have on our lifters, and how it differed from their CrossFit training. 

We are now into week 5 of that cycle and moving into our base phase. Already the improvements in technique have been awesome. Those that have regularly attended the session have seen the biggest gains. From this week will see the fun really begin as the intensity builds.

Wish you had come?…….well it’s not too late to start! 

Although these guys are working through their programme doesn’t mean we are a closed shop, and we welcome all new lifters within HG3 or outside. If you want to get involved, and we highly encourage you do, speak to Rudds and we can get you on board. 

We use the Olympic lifts and their power variations to support a lot of the work we do on our CrossFit programme. It is therefore essential that the lifts are learnt correctly and executed safely to really get the most out of what we do here at HG3. So why not give it a try, get involved in the HG3 BarBell club.

HG3 Kids and Teens Summer Classes 2014

Exciting news! We will be offering an HG3 Kids and Teen programme over the summer holidays! Sessions will be 45 minutes long, based around fitness, fun and games.

You can find out more about our kids and teen classes here

Classes will be as follows:

Fire Breathers 7-11 yrs & Ice Warriors 5-7yrs £5 per session

930 - 1015 Tuesday 5th August
930 - 1015 Tuesday 12th August
930 - 1015 Tuesday 26th August

Fire Breathers 7-11 yrs £5 per session 

930 - 1015 Thursday 7th August
930 - 1015 Thursday 14th August
830 - 915 Saturday 16th August
930 - 1015 Thursday 28th August
830 - 915 Saturday 30th August

Teen Club 12-16 yrs £6 per session

930 - 1030 Wednesday 6th August
930 - 1030 Friday 8th August
930 - 1030 Wednesday 13th August
930 - 1030 Friday 15th August
930 - 1030 Wednesday 27th August
930 - 1030 Friday 29th August

Using out booking system Team Up, parents can now add siblings to their existing accounts and book them in under their own names (Instructions below) If you don't have an account already click the button below and create your account.

Please help us to plan sessions by booking into classes. 

If you are unable to book in either txt 07773331070 0r email to reserve your place.


I have been wanting to write a post about this subject for a while, and now, with so many new members joining HG3, I thought it was the ideal time to do so. Hastags: love them or loathe them, they are everywhere. Ours at CrossFit HG3 is #strengthisachoice. I just want to take a little time to share with you what that #hashtag means to me. 

I make the following points not to single any individual out, but as a reminder to all what it is we are about at CrossFit HG3 and why.

We all have choices in life. By choosing to train at HG3 we chose to be fitter, stronger, more durable, and overall better than we were before. Although to some on the outside this may imply we are just wanting to make super strong beasts at any costs, the reality is very different.

It is very easy to get caught up in the moment, to go hell for leather in a WoD, sacrificing form for those few precious seconds. To just go those few extra kilos to get that PB before your time, turning that deadlift from a mechanical sight of beauty into something resembling a cat being sick. Just moving a heavy weight isn’t enough: we need to move that weight well.


We do want people to get stronger, to push themselves hard, to strive to reach their potential, but not at the expense of good form. 

When I read on the internet all the criticism of CrossFit (especially to do with intensity over form) I remember back to something that was made very clear to me a long time ago. I refer to these as the golden rules of CrossFit. These golden rules are always in the forefront of my mind, and I would encourage you to adopt them too. 


Golden Rule 1: Learn the movement: learn how to perform it correctly. Take pride in how you  execute that movement.

Golden Rule 2: Become a master at it, be able to repeat it again and again with great form.

Golden Rule 3: Only when Golden Rule 1 & 2 are complete do you add weight.




So, how do I learn the movement and get better form?

  • Listen to the coach. If they say take the weight down or to concentrate on a particular aspect of that movement please do so. They are there to help you, to coach you.
  • Spend time on mobility and flexibility, warm up and cool down.
  • Remember the 3 golden rules.

It is this that sets us apart from a program that just 'chases numbers' and one that is a carefully constructed, progressional, strength and conditioning program.

In the far corner of they gym we have a 'PB and Skills’ board. I like to see this board, not as a place for competition, but as a place for members to record their achievements, be that a PB with good form, gaining their first 5 strict pull ups or performing a skin the cat movement on the rings.


I will leave you with one passing thought. The reason we do all of this, the reasons we take such a pride in good coaching and good movements standards, is so we don’t get injured. So we don't  only enjoy coming to train at HG3, but also enjoy, and get the most from our lives outside of the box…because really, that is what it is all about. That, my friends, is what #strengthisachoice means to me.  

HG3 2014 Paleo Challenge


It's that time of year again when we all need to tighten our nutrition to move forward and make some big gains this year! 

Now with Christmas and New Year behind us, it is time to re-focus, ready to start the 2014 Paleo Challenge on the 1st February. It is a 28 day challenge, running the whole of the month, ending on the 28th.

This year’s challenge will run in a similar way to last, but offering more support and information on a weekly basis.

The aim of the challenge is to change the way you eat, think about food and reset the body so that you can continue to eat clean and healthily all year round. It will then be over to you to fine tune the inclusion of certain foods and assess how you feel with them. We will also provide "after the challenge” information, enabling you to make informed choices about your nutrition. By doing the challenge, creating good or even different eating habits (of which we will focus on later) it will highlight how your body really can feel and perform. 

As athletes we really want to see how eating clean affects performance, and as last year there will be a benchmarking WoD at the start and end of the challenge to see how your performance has improved. 

There is a £5 entry fee and all proceeds will be going to the prize for the winners. We shall once again be judging the challenge on the following -

Body fat % lost
CM Lost - chest, triceps, waist and thigh
Visceral fat lost

Each category will be scored in points and the person with the highest points at the end will be crowned HG3 Paleo Perfect Champ. We shall have a male and female category and a prize for each! The more people that enter, the bigger the prize. 

We want to make sure that everyone has the most information possible so we are arranging talks from special guests before the challenge starts. We shall keep you informed of who and when.

If you have not yet joined the Facebook group then please do. This is a rolling forum that is updated all year by everyone at the gym. It is a fantastic resource for recipes, motivation and information. 

After the challenge, and to celebrate everyones hard work we will be organising a "Turkish Baths and refreshments’ day (the sauna at HG3 can only accommodate 3), again more information in the coming weeks.

That’s it for now guys so please book on to team up and get focused for an amazing month!! 

          Team HG3.

Things are hotting up at HG3 this January!



From 14th January you will be able to book 30 minute slots in Guardian Angel Fitness' brand new Infrared Sauna which will be available to use during gym opening times. In the book 'Detoxify or Die', leading environmental medicine authority, Sherry Rogers M.D describes how toxicity in the body can increase tissue inflammation and difficulty losing weight, She explains how it can be at the root of; hormone imbalance, headaches, brain fog, lethargy and contribute to the development of chronic degenerative disease.

Far Infra-red sauna rays are the longest rays which come from the sun.  They are the most healing rays.

The benefits of Infra-red saunas shown in studies include: 

  • Effective cellular detoxification.  Fat stored toxins are released and moved out of the body via skin in perspiration without overheating and drying out the body as conventional saunas can.   
  • 20% of the infrared waves heats the air and 80% gently warms the body, so you get the cellular benefits rather than just being in a hot room! 
  • Can speed up metabolism and help with weight loss.  The detoxification also helps with weight loss. 
  • Can improve mood by stimulating endorphin release in the brain 
  • Pain relief by increasing circulation, stimulating healing and reducing inflammation 
  • May help to kill parasites & bacteria 
  • Has been shown to improve clinical symptoms in Chronic Heart Disease patients 
  • Additionally lowering blood pressure, improving circulation (all those of you who suffer with Raynauds Syndrome might like to see if it helps!) 
  • Wound healing and general cell health. 

Here's what to do to get going in the Sauna:  

The sauna cabin has 3 seats.  A seat in the Sauna must be booked online via our website. You first need to sign up to use the sauna by emailing When you sign up as a sauna user, you provide your payment details and are automatically charged after your visit.

A 30 minute session costs the equivalent of a Starbucks latte, just £3.50! You can also purchase a block of 10 or 20 half hour sessions upfront: £30 for 10 sessions or £60 for 20 sessions (per person). If you would like to book all three seats in the sauna (either for privacy or to invite friends) you can do so, and will only be charged £10.

The sauna is inside the second treatment room with benches and hooks for you to put your belongings. Swimwear must be worn. Please bring your own towel to sit on/wrap around you. You can use the changing rooms in the main area of HG3 to change / shower if you wish.

During and after your visit, remember to re-hydrate well!  Filtered water will be provided in the sauna room.   It's perfect to use before or after a massage. To achieve best results from the sauna you may wish to take a small towel / flannel in the sauna with you to wipe the sweat off when you are in the sauna – toxins are coming out so they need to be wiped off to allow more to come out, and so that nothing gets reabsorbed!

Additional classes at HG3

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes more changes at HG3, this time in the shape of our timetable. We are now happy announce new opening hours and additional classes giving you more opportunity to train.

New to Tuesday and Thursday


CrossFit Class  0700-0800

Strong Mums    0930-1030

Open Gym        1030-1200  New! 

CrossFit Class  1200-1300  New! 

Open Gym        1330-1800  New!

CrossFit Class  1800-1900

CrossFit Class  1900-2000  New for Tuesday!

This gives you more opportunity to train on a Tuesday and Thursday outside of class sessions.

Another exciting change comes to Saturday!

Due to the huge success of the HG3 CrossFit Kids classes, we are now running 2 sessions on a Saturday morning, 0800-0900 and 0900-1000, in addition to our Teens class on a Wednesday at 1600-1700. This is fantastic news and we look forward to welcoming more little ninjas to HG3! 

This change means that the Saturday morning class will now start at 9.30am. The structure will be a 20 minute brief and warm up, then kick off the WoD just after 10. The Kids class will be running in the annex so your consideration to our ninjas in training is appreciated. The WoD will be time capped, so we shall finish no later than 10.45am. We hope this works for everyone. 

A note about open gym 

Whilst we want to try and accommodate everyone with their training we must stress that class coaching must take priority. For that reason there is no Open Gym during class times - this does not affect those that have booked in and are working on substituted/modified programs, due to injury etc by prior consultation with your coaches.

I’m waiting...

As the classes get busier, the waiting list is starting be used a lot more. If you are on the waiting list and someone drops out of the class you will get an email asking you to book onto the class. If you don't respond within 30 mins the email will go to the next person on the list and you move to the back of the queue. This is just the way the system works. Please make sure that if you are on the waiting list that you do not just chance it and arrive at the gym to see if someone does not turn up. The classes are limited to 12 people for many reasons, safety, quality of coaching and equipment demands being top of the list. If you turn up and are not on the list, I'm afraid we may ask you to wait for the next class. 

Any questions or suggestions, please do let us know. 


HG3 coaching team  

myWOD RSS feed update instructions

Now the new CrossFit HG3 website is live, those using the RSS feed to update myWOD will need to change their setting. To help make this change I have created the following step by step easy guide. 


For those that aren't aware the myWOD app is a simple way to log and track your CrossFit workouts (WODs) myWOD helps you keep track of your records, and seamlessly share your accomplishments on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, or via Email. myWOD gives you the ability to log your max weight achievements, as well as pull daily WODs directly from the CrossFit HG3/wod feed. If that isn't enough, you can also create your own custom WODs and save them for future use!

myWOD is available from


Instructions to add the CrossFit HG3 WoD RSS feed

1. Open the app on your device and select common

1. Open the app on your device and select common

2. Select the + symbol to add the new RSS feed

2. Select the + symbol to add the new RSS feed

3. When prompted select New Feed

3. When prompted select New Feed

4. Type in the following details, then click save

4. Type in the following details, then click save

5. The RSS feed will now populate myWOD

5. The RSS feed will now populate myWOD


HG3 v2.0

The HG3 team have been working round the clock to finish the extension project (HG3v2.0) over the last couple of months. We are happy to say that it is finally finished and is being used already. 

We now have a 3400 sqft unit, 2000 sqft of training floor space (the biggest strength and conditioning facility in Harrogate) and 2 custom made lifting platforms (that are perfectly flat - Ed). We are also please to announce that Guardian Angel Fitness Therapies are now located within the HG3 facility. Clare and the team moved in on the 1st of December and already it's like they have always been here. Villy and Hollie have been massaging clients and the Infrared Sauna is due to be installed in January (more info to come soon).

As you can see it’s been a busy few months and we could not have done this without the help and support of so many people. 

Firstly a huge thanks to Rich Cuthbert (aka Pecks) who we asked  to do the build. He has been nothing short of a machine. Working all hours to make sure the deadline was hit, whilst also working on his other builds. He and Sam have been amazing and we thank you so much for everything you have done.

A big thank you to all of the HG3 members that gave their time to come down and help paint, clean, mop, hoover and any other terrible job we asked them to do. To Luke (mini Rudds) for knocking down walls, to K for her power tool skills, to Tom R for helping to put up ceilings, for Tom B for painting to Karen and SLATH for bringing food, showing continued support and being rocks all the way through. To Knoxy and Ant for helping out with additional coaching. 

Most of all though, we have to say thank you to you, the entire HG3 community. Without you and your amazing attitudes, achievements, success and commitment, we would never have been able to make this happen. 


When we opened HG3 nearly 3 years ago we never could have expected to be where we are now. The dream has become a reality and the HG3 family continues to grow. We cannot wait for the future and to see where we can go from here. 

Thank you all. 

Pete & Rudds

Press Release 2013

CrossFit HG3: Where getting fit isnt a chore, its a lifestyle choice!


CrossFit HG3 is not your typical gym. Take a look through the doors and it is clear that the Pannal based gym isnt preoccupied with putting style before substance  what matters is producing tangible results for its members, ensuring they leave each session having achieved their personal fitness goals, and that they are looking forward to their next visit to the box.  Quite simply, CrossFit HG3 is part of a revolution, intent on shaping the future of fitness.


CrossFit HG3s strength and conditioning programme is totally scalable allowing all entry fitness levels to get a great workout and great results. Its all-encompassing nature means CrossFit is quickly being adopted by every day people who simply want to look, feel, and workout better. Its fair to say that once you have discovered the benefits of a CrossFit programme, there will be no turning back. 


Unlike many of its contemporaries, community is at the very heart of the CrossFit ethos and is a key to its success. Within the friendly atmosphere, members work together in group training sessions to make things even more fun and interesting, whilst achieving their own personal fitness goals.


Whether you are simply wanting to commit to a healthier lifestyle, or are after a more intense, competitive regime, CrossFit HG3 can accommodate you. Each person receives the same varied, high-intensity, functional movement training - using exercises that work your entire body in a way that replicates functional movements you do in real life. The core strength and conditioning programme devised by its team of qualified coaches, promotes overall functional fitness with workouts that boost athleticism by increasing endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, movement, mobility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.  Members take part in the same group WODs (Workout Of the Day), which are easily adapted to any fitness level, while continually challenging participants.


With general classes dedicated to adults, teenagers, kids, Olympic Lifting, and even Strong Mums, anyone from 5-85 years of age can benefit from a CrossFit lifestyle.


So why not learn more about CrossFit by trying our free introductory class, where you will learn basic movements to use in the workouts, as well as gaining an overview of how our classes work, and experience a short workout of the day (WOD)?


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European Inferno 2013 - Review

This was one of the best weekends for a long time - spent training hard and seeing so many people achieve things that they did not think were possible. 

The European Inferno is a brand new competition organised by the guys from Dragon Crossfit down in Wales. It is for pairs only and spaces sold out within a few days. Everyone competing could not wait to get there


This was one of the best weekends for a long time - spent training hard and seeing so many people achieve things that they did not think were possible. 

The European Inferno is a brand new competition organised by the guys from Dragon Crossfit down in Wales. It is for pairs only and spaces sold out within a few days. Everyone competing could not wait to get there. 

After the long drive down on Friday, we all met at the venue to check in and have a look. Even Chris Peel turned up as a very last minute replacement for an injured Clutterbuck!! For some, this was the first time they had competed and nerves were flowing thick and fast! Shaz and Sam, two of our Strong Mums, had entered and were looking a little scared, even after a swim and sauna they had at the hotel upon arrival!!! Off to bed for a good sleep and then to hit Day One hard. 

Judges briefing on Day One went so fast and then it was time to go!

WOD 1 was a max effort clean and a max effort strict press. Jane and Teri were in the first heat and could not wait to get going. They started strong, both hitting PBs on both lifts and setting the standard for the rest of the guys. Huge PBs all round and so much motivation came from the first WOD for everyone that the nerves were very much settled.  There were too many PBs to mention all of them, but with such difficult lifts in a short space of time everyone showed so much composure and perfect technique and realised what they were capable of. Comptetition does amazing things!

WOD 2  looked easy on paper but turned out to be horrific!8 x 150m shuttle sprints, alternating between hard can sprinting be? Evidently, very!Everyone walked away looking like they had been shot in the hamstrings! Alan and Knoxy showed us all how it was done with such speed! Everyone needed some TLC after that and spent a good ten mins on the bike or rower to try and recover...


WOD 3 was a test of strength and determination and to see how comfortable you are being uncomfortable. 6 mins to accumulate as many burpee bar jumps as possible whilst your partner holds 100/70kg at the top of a deadlift! This sounds easy, but once your heart rate is up and your forearms start to burn you are in a word of pain! Jess and Rudds showed huge commitment to both their partners as they struggled with shoulder injuries. Clare had to spend a long time with Rudds to get it back together again for the next WOD. 

WOD 4 brought Buddy Carries and Kettlbell Swings. This was the one that no one was looking forward to at all and it turned out we had to do it at the end of Day One instead of the start of Day Two! What a way to finish a long, hard day! Some of us had missed match pairs and some lighter and some heavier than others that made it very interesting! The shout out for this WOD has to go to Sam and Shaz for an amazing effort. Shaz was very close to tears at the end of the WOD after an incredible effort and nearly doing all the swings unbroken. Sam had got them off to a flying start and never stopped encouraging. It was incredible to see. 


After questionable food intake on the Saturday night and then a good sleep, we all gathered once more for the second day of competition. Only two more WODs to go and we could all relax!! 

WOD 5 was the row and run combo! Row 1500m and run 800m as fast as possible! Ian and Ant put their height to very good use and smashed the row leaving the arena for the run in first place. They then put in a great run and managed to win their heat and finish 22nd overall in WOD 5. Louise and Clare put in a huge effort on this as neither of them are a fan of running! A huge team effort saw them sprint across the finish line with the whole crowd cheering them on. Dalby and Jacqui finished 10th in the field in this WOD after an immense row dominated by Jacqui then Dalby getting her running round that track faster than ever before!

The 6th and final WOD saw us getting after a 7 min amrap of 7 Thrusters and 7 Box Jumps. Everyone knows how much thrusters hurt, but the commitment from everyone was immense. Alan and Knoxy running at the top of the HG3 teams, with Tiff and Emma very close behind. Dalby and her partner Jacqui from IN2 in London had an amazing WOD and really climbed up the rankings. They were 10th at one point and actually finished the whole competition in 24th place. 

The Final placings were as follows:

JKAS (Alan and Knoxy) 64th 
The Henderson Brothers 72nd
Firebullets (Chris Peel and JP) 90th
HG3 Bad Boys (Pete and Rudds) 100th

Naked Apettes (Dalby and Jacqui) 24th
TiggerTrons (Emma Young and Tiff) 33rd
The Awkward Turtles (Jess and Bexx) 48th 
Butterfly Assassins (Clare and Louise) 58h
AllKnightBender (Jane and Teri) 62nd
Strong Mums (Sam and Shaz) 65th

There were so many amazing moments of the weekend it is hard to get them all in. We just want to say that we are so proud of what everyone achieved and the way everyone supported each other. Thank you so much for representing yourself and the gym so well. You really did yourselves proud. 

Also, a special mention must go to Jim Sefton for being the official photographer for the weekend. For all of the photos go to and you can see all of them. They are amazing!

Review by Ant Henderson