How to get the best out of your training... Part 3 - Understanding the end goal

Understanding the intended training stimulus -


To get the most out of a session it is so important to be able to understand the intended stimulus and outcome of the work to be done. How long are we working for, how should I feel, when should I break down the reps in the workout. This is so important so that the correct energy system is being worked and also so that the right amount of recovery is given to train the next day. At HG3 we give clear instruction on what the outcome of the session should be. Each class is briefed, movements demonstrated, scaling options given and each member is always given time to practice and warm up for each part of the session.


So how would we explain whats going on in the class. Heres a look at a typical session in a rest week. 


Activation - 


3 Rounds -


10 Latteral Lunges

10 Deadbugs

10 Good Mornings - Empty bar or KB if shoulder mobility is poor. 


Explanation - Explained whilst demonstration each movement. 


This is to work varied planes of motion, activate your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back) and to make your midline/core fire up. All movements are to be done at a slow pace to make sure time under tension is present. In the good mornings, have a slightly flexed knee, hinge from the hip and squeeze the floor with your feet to create tension into the legs and hips. On the way back up, squeeze the glutes and stand tall quickly. 


Focus - 


Back Squat - 5x5 @65-75%


Explanation - 


This is a de-load week guys (backing off load to recover). We want you to build to your working weight (65-75%) and stay at that weight for the 5 sets. Focus on tension through the lift, control on the descent and power on the drive up. Keep the pelvis level and make sure your midline is braced and tight before you squat. Squeeze the feet into the floor and work on gaining correct death, hip crease below the knee. 


Workout - 


20 Min AMRAP (As many round os possible in 20 mins)

Run 200m 

10 Front Squats

10 Burpees


Explanation - 


This workout is designed more of a aerobic workout, think cardio. In this we are intending to keep going at a rate of work that can be achieved for the entire 20 mins. This keeps the heart rate regular, means short breaks are needed and that you are able to recover quickly afterwards. Low stimulus and good recovery. Pick a load that you can complete all reps unbroken but the last 2 of each set should be tough but executed with perfect form. 


Throughout this entire session clear intention and instruction is given and EVERY single person in the class will be given AT LEAST 2 coaching queues. We give clear and concise information as to not confuse the person with too much to think about. 


In my opinion, if a session is not delivered in this manor, with this level of instruction, demonstration and intent, your in the wrong place. Remember why you are going to the gym and to work with coaches. To be given instruction, delivered results and for injury to be prevented so you can train longer and be healthy. Don’t just turn up, let someone press play on the stereo and then just shout at you! 


We shall be posting next week on how our levels of programming help to accommodate to all abilities and ages. From those who have never been in the gym, those over 40 and those that are performance athletes. 


If you would like more information on what we do and how to get involved please do call Pete on 07776201005 or email Follow us at……...