How to get the best out of your training.... Part 2 - The Training Environment



The environment is so important to the end goal of the session. We’ve all had those times when we just needed that bit of help and extra push. Many have said that they would choose a training partner or training group over a programme any day of the week. I feel a combination of the two is a perfect mix. Training with like-minded people who are looking for an end result is so important. The focus will be high, the intensity will be built and each person will push themselves to the levels needed. Training just to train is non-productive and is not goal focused, there will be no push and if the session is not finished as intended, it won’t matter. Of course, everyone trains for their own reason, I just think goal-focused training is so much more productive.

Our training environment is always focused but fun at the same time. You have to enjoy it and not take it too seriously to make sure you always feel good. When it's time to work…. the work gets done, then it's job was done and you can chill out and relax knowing you have just made yourself better. In each session you will be training with people from age 16-63. This plays a huge role in the motivation. If you see someone still going, then you keep going, if you see someone struggling, you give them a shout and motivate them. It's not just us as coaches that keep you going.

The best way to find a good training environment is to train in a variety of places before you decide to settle down. Experience a few sessions in each place and then make a decision. Each class may have a different instructor, different people, different feel. Not all the time the first session will be the one to make you want to stay. Try and find places your friends go, a place that aligns with your goals and your specific needs.

One big thing to make sure you do is speak to the owners or the coaches. Ask questions, quiz them, make sure they know what they are talking about and research them. Some people have a wealth of knowledge and have been in the industry a long time, others haven’t. Make sure you go to where has knowledge, has information to give and happy members. Watch people move, watch how the coach acts in the class. If they are on their phone, arms crossed and look dull, they most likely aren't interested in what they're doing.  Do they remember people's names, how do they talk to people.

Before you join, make sure it is the right place for you and if it's not, then the owner should either do everything they can to work with you or help to point you in the right direction of what will be best for you and stop your membership.

Remember you are investing your money and time, you need to make it worthwhile.

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