You NEED to meet Gemma! She is AMAZING!


Gemma has been training at HG3 since January and is absolutely crushing life. She came in unconfident and nervous, and now she is tackling things inside and outside of the gym she never thought possible. 4 Stone down, confident, fitter and stronger than ever before, Gemma tells us her story.


She is an inspiration in the gym and really shows what can be done, in a short space of time, with dedication, support and consistent effort.


Well done Gemma. Keep up the hard work. 


"I hate gyms, I feel self-conscious, awkward, out of place and tend to go for 15-20minutes on across trainer, get bored, float about a few different machines and leave feeling uninspired, like I’ve not achieved anything and like my time was wasted...HG3 is completely different and not your average gym at all!


I came for a taster session in December 2015 and signed up for the induction program then joined the main sessions at the end of January 2016. HG3 has literally changed my life and I wish I had joined sooner! I have always struggled with my weight and been overweight since being at school, I wanted to become fitter and healthier in 2016 but ultimately my goal was to finally start to shift some weight and feel better in myself, something that has been a New Year’s resolution every year for as long as I can remember!


I’ve tried other local gyms, exercise classes, a variety of different eating programs and plans…none of which have worked for me. In 6 months since being a member of HG3 I have lost 4 stone and dropped 4 dress sizes, and if that wasn’t enough I have more energy, I’m feeling stronger, more positive, sleeping better, and actually look forward to and enjoy going to the gym! This is coming from a person that hates gyms!


Pete and Rudds are fantastic and the approach is completely different to your regular gym. They know every member by name, what they do and other random facts, how many gyms can you honestly say that the coaches know every single member by name let alone what they do and what their dog is called!?!  Every session is different (so you don’t get bored) and can be scaled to all abilities, I couldn’t do a proper squat in my 1st session, couldn’t do a burpee, lunges were difficult and handstands and other more complicated things were completely out of the question!


Everyone in the class is treated as an individual and gets scaled options where appropriate and patience, help and guidance, it’s pretty much a PT session with other lovely people that make you feel like part of the family and give you encouragement to finish those last few box jumps or pull ups in the workout. You are never made to feel self-conscious or silly if you can’t do something, you just get support and guidance to achieve it and smash goals! I nailed my first handstand a few weeks ago, can now back squat 60kg and deadlift 100kg, something I never thought I would be able to do!


There are no mirrors, egos are left at the door and everyone is friendly, supportive and welcoming. Literally cannot recommend HG3 fitness enough!"


Keep going Gemma. 


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