Meet The Tyler's

Kati and PJ Tyler have been training with us at HG3 for some time now so we wanted to catch up with them to see how they are getting on. 


So Kati How did you hear about HG3 and what made you join?


I first came across the gym on twitter originally and then had a look on the website. There were a couple of videos of people talking about the gym and I also really liked that there seemed to be a heavy emphasis on getting technique right and moving correctly. I was pretty fit from running (or so I thought) but had struggled over the past few years with a string of minor injuries and a back problem so this approach really appealed to me.


What was it that you wanted to achieve when you joined?


I was training for my 4th (and last!) marathon and desperate to achieve a sub-4 hour time without getting injured along the way so knew I really needed to complement my running with some strength and conditioning.


What do you think you have gained from training at HG3?


Within 3 weeks of joining my running was pretty much transformed, I got my long sought after sub-4 time and I just felt so much stronger and able to move properly without feeling like I was going to strain my back all the time. Over the last 2 years I’ve learned loads, really improved my overall strength and mobility, met some great people and had a lot of fun!


We know PJ was a little late to the party…. but what was it that changed his mind to come down?


KT: PJ did loads of strength training when I first knew him so I always thought he would love the WoDs at HG3 but it took a while to persuade him! Initially he didn’t seem interested and I’d actually given up talking to him about it...


PJ, you hadn't done much training before, what made you get involved?


Having spent most of my earlier years being naturally very fit through a lot of climbing and hill-walking, the traditional fitness activities of running, cycling, swimming really bored me - Because they really didn’t motivate me at all, it became almost a conscious decision to do nothing over the last few years! However, around my 50th birthday, I had that realisation that I was overweight and needed to do something about it. I’d seen how HG3 had helped Kati in her general fitness so thought I would give it a go and it seemed more interesting than trying to get back to the old swimming, cycling, running bandwagon..


PJ, you just hit your year anniversary with us, what benefits have you found to training over the last year?


I feel generally stronger, fitter and am much leaner. I also suffer from DOM’s regularly (ha ha!) I do eat more healthily now too. Another unexpected benefit is that my posture and mobility have greatly improved. I also found the format of the WoDs and the cyclical nature of the programming have helped me to develop and establish a training routine, as I’m motivated to strive for PB’s and continually progress.


You are both now competing in masters events…. this is amazing… what got you into that?


We had seen that other members of the gym had competed in similar events and it was great to find a pair’s event we could do together, especially for ahem, “older” age groups. We were both a bit apprehensive but really enjoyed the training for it and the actual event on the day so can’t wait to compete again this September.


Have you done anything that you really thought you never could achieve? 


KT: Yes definitely. Starting off as a runner, I always thought I had no upper body strength so lifting some of the weights I’ve managed and finally getting pull-ups has been brilliant and I couldn’t have imagined that. It’s given me loads of confidence and makes me excited to think what I might be doing a year on from now.


PJ: For me, it’s the fact that I’ve settled into a routine and am still training regularly and enjoying it, plus that HG3 community feel - I wasn’t expecting that and thought going to the gym would always feel like an absolute chore, which it doesn’t here!


What does the future hold for the Tylers and your training goals?


Overall this year we’re both looking forward to continuing with some solid and consistent training to really do ourselves justice at the Masters at War competition in September, but in terms of individual goals.


KT: I'm aiming to get down to Barbell Club regularly this year to really work on form and learn the Snatch. I’m finding that it's also really helping my mobility and posture.


PJ: I want to increase glute strength and master those double unders.