"I am not a runner, or should I say I thought I wasn't"


"I am not a runner, or should I say I thought I wasn't. Running has never come easy to me, diving into a pool at 5am in the morning that was more my thing.


However I do like a challenge, completing tough mudder, yorkshire warrior and finally a 20 mile 200 obstacle rat race last year, and Hg3 Charity day: 12wods in 12hours on back to back weekends in May, some would think I'm a little bit mad. I wanted to try something that would really push me which is when I decided to enter the London marathon. However In my first year of entering the ballot I did not think I would get a charity place.


So when the NSPCC phoned me to offer myself a place I gladly accepted. I am nervous about doing it and have to keep reminding myself it's not a race, it's about completing the challenge I have set myself which is to run 26.2 miles the 24th April 2016.


Training was going well until about December where I hold my hands up high and say I have slacked off a bit. But I am slowly getting back into it and dare I say starting to enjoy a few of the runs again. But the wet weather is not making it easy.


 So if anyone would fancy being a running partner or going on a few runs with me that would be great. I am following a training plan set by the NSCPCC for beginner marathon runners, and have set myself 3 goals for the next three weeks: 

1. Complete 10km once a week 

2. Complete a 75 min run 

3. Run 13km  


I'm also going to talk how to keep myself from getting injured and how I am getting on/ feeling in general. 


I will also be offering sports massages/ short Physio assessments/treatments on a Saturday after the 10am class to help raise money for sponsorship. 

To sponsor me please go HERE. All and every donation is really appreciated. 


Hope you enjoy reading this about my journey to running the marathon 


Jess "