Friday Nights with Jamie Fieldhouse. 

As some of you will have noticed we have had Jamie Fieldhouse in the gym for a few weeks. We have known Jamie for a long time and he has recently moved back to Harrogate. After coaching for 2 years at CrossFit CM2 in Cheltenham and having competed in numerous CrossFit competitions, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We asked him when he moved back if he would like to coach and he was happy to come on board as part of the team. Jamie will be taking Friday nights for the forceable future. 

A little about Jamie is below for you. If you haven't seen him yet.... he is the one with the great beard!! 


  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Age: 26
  • Clean and Jerk: 105kg
  • Snatch: 77.5kg
  • Back Squat: 140kg x 4
  • Front Squat: 120kg x 4
  • Dead lift: 160kg x 6
  • Helen: 7:56
  • Fran: 4:02
  • Grace: 2:51

Before I got into CrossFit my sports background was fairly limited. At school I played rugby in the b’s (mainly for the crack) and was always a good runner and swimmer. I have always been active; I used to ride BMX, surf, sail and skateboard – chasing that ‘buzz’ of adrenaline – but never really got into weight training or conditioning. When I approached 25 I realised that I needed to get into better shape sooner rather than later and was introduced to CrossFit through Debs and Rob at CrossFit CM2. Not having done much strength training proved to be a double-sided coin; my strength numbers weren’t great to begin with but this forced me to focus on technique in order to get the weight up (rather than relying on muscling it!) which has benefitted me massively in the long run. It also meant that I haven’t been hindered by years of not mobilising properly after training – something I now love to help people fix. The CrossFit methodology fits brilliantly with what I wanted: to become a better, stronger, healthier and well rounded individual and provided me with the knowledge of how to move well, competition to drive intensity and community to enjoy it with – as well as the buzz of adrenaline after!