HG3 Primal Challenge 2015


The time is upon us for the fourth year of the HG3 Primal Challenge, formerly known as the Paleo Challenge.  In the past we have seen incredible results and been amazed by the serious changes to each and every person that has taken part. Big changes have taken place each time we run the challenge, developing new, better, healthier habits.


So what is the HG3 Primal Challenge?

It’s simple, the challenge is to eat clean, unprocessed foods, no sugar, little starch, no alcohol and no unnatural supplements or stimulants for 28 days! That should be easy right? In theory it is, but in practice, for some, it can be tough; well it wouldn't be a challenge if it were easy. Don’t worry though, we are going to guide and support you through every step of the way. 

So why should I eat Primal for 28 days?

Going Primal, for 28 days, will help reset the body to its natural levels. By this we mean that it will help take the body away from an inflammatory state (eating processed foods inflames organs and our bodies) and take you into an anti inflammatory one. It will also help to calm your central nervous system and have a positive effect on your hormones.

Other benefits include

  • Decrease in body fat
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Improved athletic performance 

OK, so what will I learn about food?

Within the 28 days you will learn to ask the three most important questions about food and know how to answer them. 

  1. What to eat? Types of foods, quality and where to source them from
  2. How much to eat? Portion control at each meal and how it varies from person to person
  3. Why should I eat this food? The benefits of good quality, nutritious, delicious food and the results you can expect to see. 

We want you to know what changes you are making to your eating and why. You will have the opportunity to attend a presentation at the start of the challenge and one at the end to go over how to move on from here. One thing we learnt from last year was that the portion sizes for each person varied so much. You will be given an easy method to help understand how much you should be eating and how to portion proteins, fats and carbs for each meal. There is a big difference between 50g of rice and 50g of broccoli!! 

You will change your energy levels, sleep consistency, be happier, improve your work capacity and much more. You will find out how good you can feel by making simple changes. 

So when is the challenge?

The HG3 Primal Challenge will run from the 1st of Feb to the 1st of March. Only 28 days! Easy. We will have the weigh in and measure before the challenge so you can all see the changes in just a month. We will have the HG3 Primal Challenge Workout at the start and at the end of the challenge to see how food can improve your performance.  

The Primal Presentation will be on Tuesday the 27th January at 7pm with the evening class proceeding it at 6pm. It will last about 30 minutes followed by questions. 

How do I get involved?

All you need to do to register is to click the link bellow. The cost is £10 per person and there will be prizes for the male and female winners.  

What happens after the challenge?

As a celebration, after completing the challenge, we will be arranging a meal, a chance to enjoy some amazing food and a trip to the Turkish Baths. 

Take the first step to a healthier, more energetic you. Click below to book your place. Don't miss out!