HG3 Masters At War

This past weekend we had 2 amazing teams compete at Train Manchester in the Masters At War competition. A pairs competition that is open for all to enter. We had Caroline and Kev, and Chris and Shaz representing HG3 and what an incredible effort they all put in. Caroline and Kev have both done a write up each that I thought we would share. Well done guys. We are so proud of you all. 

And the results........ Kev and Caroline finished 21st and Chris and Shaz finished 24th out of 26 teams. Amazing work guys. 



Masters at war...a year in the making - By Caroline Chapman

If someone had told me a year ago that I'd be taking part in the Masters of war competition, I would have laughed out loud.  Having just started CrossFit I could never have believed I was capable and thought that kind of thing was completely out of my league.

Fast forward a year and when I saw a message from Kevin on Facebook I was intrigued and decided to find out a bit more about it..... before I knew it I had signed up!

To anyone vaguely thinking about doing a competition my advice would be...go for it.  Don't be scared.  Just having a go is key.  Anyone can do it...but for most the biggest challenge is overcoming their own inner doubts. Now I'm never going to win one of these competitions. I understand the dedication required to do that in terms of time and energy.  As a busy working mum with 2 kids I manage to train at Crossfit twice sometimes three times a week.  Yet the encouragement and support from the HG3 team and the friendliness of the other competitors makes you feel you are never 'going it alone'.

I was nervous on arrival, not knowing what to expect.  I felt intimidated by some of the more athletic, muscular competitors and yet within minutes I was put at ease by how lovely the people were. The thing I love most about the CrossFit community is that no one is made to feel stupid.  Just by having a go you are truly made to feel welcome. As for the WODS, well I learned so much about my abilities but also the things I can improve on.  I now know what my 12 month goal will be...to understand the importance of pacing yourself correctly in a WOD.

I also learned new techniques that meant I could go that bit faster, like on the kettlebell swings where Kev showed me how to start the swing through the legs so that I could launch straight into the overhead swing.  I can now use this new found knowledge in the HG3 WODS.

A friend asked me how I felt when I'd finished.  Without hesitating I said "I wanted it to start all over again!!"  She laughed..."And would you do it again?" she asked. "Without a doubt!" I answered.  That's the thing about CrossFit, overcoming your fears gives you a confidence boost no amount of money can buy. Jessica said ''I had such fun cheering mum and Kev on, and Sharon and Chris, I had a very nice day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'




Noun – the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others:

Masters at War Competition, at Train Manchester.

I am pretty sure Caroline, Sharon, Chris and I were not going to this event to ‘defeat others’ and ‘establish our superiority’. We are not natural athletes; just normal people who deal with the daily pressures of life (shopping, kids, work, etc.) and happen to enjoy a shared interest in CrossFit, mostly at HG3.

The Masters at War event for me was an opportunity to test my skills, strength and endurance with a group of like minded individuals in a ‘competitive but supportive’ environment. Maybe we weren't going to win but we were going to try hard – very hard. We talked in advance of strategies for the WoDs and acknowledged a few ‘challenges’ to confront.

Everyone who rows hard knows the feeling of intense lactic acid build up and the overwhelming feeling that your lungs may explode. Jumping on and off the rower to undertake American Kettlebell swings and Thrusters in WoD1 made it even more interesting.

The big question for WoD2 was how to split the 100kg – 50/50kg, 60/40kg or 70/30kg? An ideal would have been 65/35kg but in the end Chris and I settled for the option of 70kg. The ladies powered through their sets and we both did our best to keep up. The fourth round of six front squats, followed by three overhead lifts made my legs wobble.

Spirits picked up as we broke for lunch and chatted with our enthusiastic spectators – Gabe, Jess, Juice, Rudds and Sarah but we all knew what was coming. WoD3 was a twelve minute time caped chipper, with 60 pull ups being our major challenge.

The outcome was interesting and proved to me why we compete. I am immensely proud of the gutsy way that Sharon continued to try and muster a pull-up in front of the crowd. I am immensely proud of the determination from Chris to finish them off (raising a massive cheer), despite ripped hands. I am immensely proud of Caroline giving her all and not stopping when she was ‘no repped’. I am also proud of managing to get my 100kg bulk over the bar with decent form.

When the twelve minutes were up on the final WoD I felt absolutely bloody brilliant.We didn’t finish the WoD, we didn’t defeat the others and we didn’t win a prize.We did it to prove that we could and weren’t afraid to confront our fears.It is a wonderful feeling and I recommend it to all.

Speak to Pete and Rudds at CrossfitHG3 about how to prepare.

Train Manchester was a great venue, industrial, functional but welcoming – just like me.