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"Best thing I ever did joining crossfit. Its given me a whole new lease of life and confidence. Wish I'd done it years ago" - Caroline Chapman


What we do at HG3 ...

At HG3 Strength and Conditioning we don’t follow fads, we go back to basics and build the machine…. yes we mean you. We incorporate every aspect of fitness in one rounded programme to achieve maximum results. We specialise in GPP (General Physical Preparedness), Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting and gymnastic movements. 

At HG3 we don’t just give you a programme and leave you to it, we take the time to go back to the start, working on technique and movement patterns before increasing intensity. We will show you how to get most out of your time at HG3, how to move safely and efficiently at all times. We use mobility and activation to overcome imbalances and weakness getting it right from the start.

But don’t I have to be fit to join?

Not at all. At HG3 we cater for all starting fitness levels and offer a number of options from personal training & group classes through to competition level programmes. We don’t believe it is right that you are just thrown in at the deep end, instead you are coached, supported and guided on your journey within a supportive environment.

Why do we do this?

In the modern world we want fitness right now! A short term fix or that ‘holiday body’. Our top level coaches at HG3 want to change that mentality and create a lifestyle of fitness. This will leave you feeling amazing all the time, confident, strong, energetic, focused and motivated to gain the results you deserve.

And just for you...

And just for you, to get you started we are offering your first month's membership at HG3 for just half price!


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Andy Ruddick

Rudds is Co-owner of director of training at CrossFit HG3. He is a Level 2 Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Crossfit Trainer and Personal Trainer. He also runs HG3 Kids programme from their Strength and Conditioning facility in Pannal, Harrogate.