How to get the best out of your training... Part 3 - Understanding the end goal

To get the most out of a session it is so important to be able to understand the intended stimulus and outcome of the work to be done. How long are we working for, how should I feel, when should I break down the reps in the workout. This is so important so that the correct energy system is being worked and also so that the right amount of recovery is given to train the next day. At HG3 we give clear instruction on what the outcome of the session should be. Each class is briefed...



Come down and see the BRAND NEW HG3 Fitness with a FREE week's trial. 


Why would we give a free week away? Well, we are big believers in that you have to find the right gym for YOU. Not all gyms are the same and not all fitness is the same, so you need to find out what works for you. Before you buy a new car, you always test drive it, right? Well, we want you to test drive HG3. 

How does it all work? 

1 - Fill in the form below and one of our coaches will be in touch within 24 hours to talk you through the sign up process, chat to you about your goals and what you really want from your time in the gym.

2 - Book into a class and get down to the gym, meet the coaches and other members.

3 - Complete our Movement Course that just takes 2 hours and learn the basics of good movement.

4 - Start your membership and book your goal setting and nutrition consultation, then you are ready to go.

5 - Get fitter, stronger and more energetic than ever before.  


It really is that simple..... So what are you waiting for?!?!?


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New HG3 Fitness Timetable - Starting October 1st 2016



We have been talking about increasing the amount of classes for a while. Now we are into the new gym and settled in we can now start to increase the offering and get more classes into the timetable. Thank you all so much for your suggestions on what you would like. We really hope this new timetable accommodates everyone. From 1st October we shall be introducing the following. 


So what’s new? 


  • 6am Session - Many of you have asked of a 6am so we have put them up for Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s to see how they are attended. 


  • Tuesday sessions -  these are now back to 1 hour instead of 45 mins. With the programming as it is we need to get all sessions to one hour so the class is not rushed through. It also means that the morning session is back to 7am instead of 6.45am.


  • Thursday Sessions - We have now added in another class on a Thursday at 7pm to make sure everyone can get into the gym. That means there is now a 6pm and 7pm class every night of the week. 


  • Barbell Club - Mondays session is now at 7pm instead of 8pm. This means the class finishes at 8 but if you need an extra 15 mins to finish your lifting, it’s not a problem, we can make sure you get everything done and it’s more of a relaxed session. 


  • Bookable Platforms - We now have 4 stand alone platforms that are able to be booked at any time in the during the morning or evening classes. This allows the freedom to come and lift outside of Barbell Club classes. They will be bookable through TeamUp. Each platform has a bar and bumpers & white board.


  • Kids Classes - Due to popular demand of our kids programme, we have added three extra sessions in a week. These extra run from 4.15-5pm which allows the kids to train more often. This does however means that there will be no open gym at these times. Kids classes are in effect as of now. 


  • Open Gym-  We have now added more open gym times into the schedule so it offers this who want to train in the day, more time to do so. We shall now be open from 2pm every day apart from Friday. Open gym can now also be used during any session that we have running. If you want to do your own thing you can come in and train. Please note that kit allowance must go to the main class. We are in the process of kitting the area out fully in the next few months. 


  • Movements - This new movements class is for all new members coming into the gym. It is a session to introduce the basic movements so that we can introduce more people into the classes. It shall be run in small groups to focus on each person. These sessions are for all levels of fitness and need to be booked through or on 07776201005.


We really hope that this new timetable helps to give you all more time to train, hang out at the gym and for us to help to introduce more new members to the HG3 family. If you have any further suggestions please do let us know. 

Autumn 2016 Kids & Teens Programme


We hope you have all had an amazing summer break and are looking forward to our Autumn Kids and Teen programme!

It's been a very busy summer for us at HG3 with a lots of changes, most notably our new location. 

We are now located at our new fitness facility 

HG3 Fitness

Unit 7a Follifoot Ridge Business Park

Pannal Road



Opposite the Equestrian Centre, around the corner from Harrogate Rugby, this beautiful location is perfect.

Our second big change is that by popular request we are now able to expand our Kids and Teens programmes to twice per week, running both in and out of term time - class times and age guides are below

Ice Warriors  5&6yrs & Fire Breathers 7-11yrs

08:15-09:00 Saturday

16:15-17:00 Monday

Superstars 11-13yrs

09:00-09:45 Saturday

16:15-17:00 Tuesday

Teen Club 13yrs+

16:15-17:00 Wednesday

16:15-17:00 Friday

For more information about our kids & teen classes please see our website or read our reviews on our HG3 Kids Facebook page

We are now offering monthly membership & punch cards for our Kids and Teen classes,


1st child £40 working out at only £5 per class

2nd child £30 use Discount code KIDS16

Or Punch Card

10 sessions for £65 (ideal for those that can only make a class once a week)

Trial class

Free - txt or call 07773331070 to book your child in for a free first session

Parents can now add their siblings to their existing account to purchase memberships and book them in under their own names (instructions below). If you dont have an account already you can create one here.

Please help us to best plan sessions by booking into classes. Classes can be booked 7 days in advance. 

Instructions to create a Family account on Team Up

Sometimes your customers want to make bookings and purchases on behalf of a child or other family member. You can now set up Families with Managers and Members. A Family Manager can make bookings and purchases on behalf of anyone else in the family. In the most common scenario, a parent would be the Family Manager.

You'll now notice a Family section on each customer's profile.

You can add the customer to an existing Family, or make a new Family. You'll see all Families a customer belongs to on a customer's Family page.

Customers can manage their own families too, so a parent can register their child on their own.

Family Managers have the option to make bookings as themselves or as any other member of their Family.

They can also purchase memberships on behalf of any other Family member.












You NEED to meet Gemma! She is AMAZING!


Gemma has been training at HG3 since January and is absolutely crushing life. She came in unconfident and nervous, and now she is tackling things inside and outside of the gym she never thought possible. 4 Stone down, confident, fitter and stronger than ever before, Gemma tells us her story.


She is an inspiration in the gym and really shows what can be done, in a short space of time, with dedication, support and consistent effort.


Well done Gemma. Keep up the hard work. 


"I hate gyms, I feel self-conscious, awkward, out of place and tend to go for 15-20minutes on across trainer, get bored, float about a few different machines and leave feeling uninspired, like I’ve not achieved anything and like my time was wasted...HG3 is completely different and not your average gym at all!


I came for a taster session in December 2015 and signed up for the induction program then joined the main sessions at the end of January 2016. HG3 has literally changed my life and I wish I had joined sooner! I have always struggled with my weight and been overweight since being at school, I wanted to become fitter and healthier in 2016 but ultimately my goal was to finally start to shift some weight and feel better in myself, something that has been a New Year’s resolution every year for as long as I can remember!


I’ve tried other local gyms, exercise classes, a variety of different eating programs and plans…none of which have worked for me. In 6 months since being a member of HG3 I have lost 4 stone and dropped 4 dress sizes, and if that wasn’t enough I have more energy, I’m feeling stronger, more positive, sleeping better, and actually look forward to and enjoy going to the gym! This is coming from a person that hates gyms!


Pete and Rudds are fantastic and the approach is completely different to your regular gym. They know every member by name, what they do and other random facts, how many gyms can you honestly say that the coaches know every single member by name let alone what they do and what their dog is called!?!  Every session is different (so you don’t get bored) and can be scaled to all abilities, I couldn’t do a proper squat in my 1st session, couldn’t do a burpee, lunges were difficult and handstands and other more complicated things were completely out of the question!


Everyone in the class is treated as an individual and gets scaled options where appropriate and patience, help and guidance, it’s pretty much a PT session with other lovely people that make you feel like part of the family and give you encouragement to finish those last few box jumps or pull ups in the workout. You are never made to feel self-conscious or silly if you can’t do something, you just get support and guidance to achieve it and smash goals! I nailed my first handstand a few weeks ago, can now back squat 60kg and deadlift 100kg, something I never thought I would be able to do!


There are no mirrors, egos are left at the door and everyone is friendly, supportive and welcoming. Literally cannot recommend HG3 fitness enough!"


Keep going Gemma. 


If you want to find out more about HG3 Fitness and how we can work with you towards your goals. Just get in touch by clicking below. We are releasing a 21 Day Transformation Challenge very soon.


DO NOT MISS OUT. Change your life..... TODAY! 

Jess Is Back In the Game

It's been just over 5 weeks since my last blog (sorry been a little bit busy). On the last post I wrote I talked about the goals I was setting for myself, which I achieved (woop woop 🙌🏼). 

However since then I have been ill😢, normally I would train through it and make it last about 6 weeks. But this time I put a pause on my training, which is hard for me. I love to train, think it has been ingrained in me since my swimming days. I also overtrain and I hold my hands up that I probably do more than I should but again that is because training twice a day for me isn't a biggy and I always think more volume is better...sorry I'm degreasing as that could be a whole other post. So back to my point, resting is hard, full of thoughts that I have had 2 weeks off so I will no longer be able to run and I'm back to square one. 

But I went on a run and ran 11km, which I know I'm doing a marathon so that number needs to increase, but it felt okay. Actually it felt good and that I could run further. There was no moment that I thought I can't do this, instead dare I say it I enjoyed it. I liked it. I have also realised how big stretching is not only before and after but when you have a rest day. Yes, I know I should know this, but it's amazing what happens when you put your teaching into practice. 🙊 Plus i have always been an advocate to stretching and the lovely foam roller, just ensuring I make time to do it, a quick 5 minutes makes all the difference in the morning. 👍🏻

So goals for the next three weeks 

Is a half marathon at least twice (will post a before and after shot, and maybe do a short video on how I feel. I apologise now for the state I look in). 🤗/😖 (this is my guess in emojis how I'm going to look). 

And to follow my programme and get back into things. 

From next week I will be offering massages at HG3 to raise money for the NSCPCC, who I am running it for. Link is below:

Thanks for reading 

Jess 😁

Make your Kids more durable than the rest...HG3 Kids Classes - Book Now

Spring is nearly here and what better way to give your kids than to enrol them for our HG3 Kids classes.

Whether your child is looking to develop strength and conditioning for sports specific endeavours or just looking to keep your child active and healthy, HG3 Kids has the answer.

What we do at HG3 Kids...

At HG3 Kids our aim is to make children faster, stronger and fitter, whilst doing it in a fun way, so that they want to do it. It is the perfect antidote in today’s society to the common problems associated with childhood inactivity and obesity.

Why we do this?

Evidence shows that the more active the body, the more active the mind is, so HG3 Kids truly provides for healthy mind and body. Together with creating a fantastic community, children are able to improve their perception of self.

How do we do this?

At HG3 Kids no two workouts are the same, so children never get bored and the novelty of each workout keeps them excited about participating. Functional movements are fundamental to all things that children need to do when they play i.e. pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump. All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of fully trained Children's Trainers.

When are this terms classes?

Ice Warriors (5-6 Years) £25

  • Saturday 8:15-9:00 Feb 27th - March 19th

Fire Breather (7-11 Years) £25

  • Saturday 8:15-9:00 Feb 27th - March 19th

Saturday SuperStars (11-13 Years) £25

  • Saturday 9:00-9:45 Feb 27th - March 19th

Teens (13+) £30

  • Wednesday 16:00-17:00 Feb 24th - March 23rd


To book you child's place, click below

Meet The Tyler's

Kati and PJ Tyler have been training with us at HG3 for some time now so we wanted to catch up with them to see how they are getting on. 


So Kati How did you hear about HG3 and what made you join?


I first came across the gym on twitter originally and then had a look on the website. There were a couple of videos of people talking about the gym and I also really liked that there seemed to be a heavy emphasis on getting technique right and moving correctly. I was pretty fit from running (or so I thought) but had struggled over the past few years with a string of minor injuries and a back problem so this approach really appealed to me.


What was it that you wanted to achieve when you joined?


I was training for my 4th (and last!) marathon and desperate to achieve a sub-4 hour time without getting injured along the way so knew I really needed to complement my running with some strength and conditioning.


What do you think you have gained from training at HG3?


Within 3 weeks of joining my running was pretty much transformed, I got my long sought after sub-4 time and I just felt so much stronger and able to move properly without feeling like I was going to strain my back all the time. Over the last 2 years I’ve learned loads, really improved my overall strength and mobility, met some great people and had a lot of fun!


We know PJ was a little late to the party…. but what was it that changed his mind to come down?


KT: PJ did loads of strength training when I first knew him so I always thought he would love the WoDs at HG3 but it took a while to persuade him! Initially he didn’t seem interested and I’d actually given up talking to him about it...


PJ, you hadn't done much training before, what made you get involved?


Having spent most of my earlier years being naturally very fit through a lot of climbing and hill-walking, the traditional fitness activities of running, cycling, swimming really bored me - Because they really didn’t motivate me at all, it became almost a conscious decision to do nothing over the last few years! However, around my 50th birthday, I had that realisation that I was overweight and needed to do something about it. I’d seen how HG3 had helped Kati in her general fitness so thought I would give it a go and it seemed more interesting than trying to get back to the old swimming, cycling, running bandwagon..


PJ, you just hit your year anniversary with us, what benefits have you found to training over the last year?


I feel generally stronger, fitter and am much leaner. I also suffer from DOM’s regularly (ha ha!) I do eat more healthily now too. Another unexpected benefit is that my posture and mobility have greatly improved. I also found the format of the WoDs and the cyclical nature of the programming have helped me to develop and establish a training routine, as I’m motivated to strive for PB’s and continually progress.


You are both now competing in masters events…. this is amazing… what got you into that?


We had seen that other members of the gym had competed in similar events and it was great to find a pair’s event we could do together, especially for ahem, “older” age groups. We were both a bit apprehensive but really enjoyed the training for it and the actual event on the day so can’t wait to compete again this September.


Have you done anything that you really thought you never could achieve? 


KT: Yes definitely. Starting off as a runner, I always thought I had no upper body strength so lifting some of the weights I’ve managed and finally getting pull-ups has been brilliant and I couldn’t have imagined that. It’s given me loads of confidence and makes me excited to think what I might be doing a year on from now.


PJ: For me, it’s the fact that I’ve settled into a routine and am still training regularly and enjoying it, plus that HG3 community feel - I wasn’t expecting that and thought going to the gym would always feel like an absolute chore, which it doesn’t here!


What does the future hold for the Tylers and your training goals?


Overall this year we’re both looking forward to continuing with some solid and consistent training to really do ourselves justice at the Masters at War competition in September, but in terms of individual goals.


KT: I'm aiming to get down to Barbell Club regularly this year to really work on form and learn the Snatch. I’m finding that it's also really helping my mobility and posture.


PJ: I want to increase glute strength and master those double unders.

"I am not a runner, or should I say I thought I wasn't"


"I am not a runner, or should I say I thought I wasn't. Running has never come easy to me, diving into a pool at 5am in the morning that was more my thing.


However I do like a challenge, completing tough mudder, yorkshire warrior and finally a 20 mile 200 obstacle rat race last year, and Hg3 Charity day: 12wods in 12hours on back to back weekends in May, some would think I'm a little bit mad. I wanted to try something that would really push me which is when I decided to enter the London marathon. However In my first year of entering the ballot I did not think I would get a charity place.


So when the NSPCC phoned me to offer myself a place I gladly accepted. I am nervous about doing it and have to keep reminding myself it's not a race, it's about completing the challenge I have set myself which is to run 26.2 miles the 24th April 2016.


Training was going well until about December where I hold my hands up high and say I have slacked off a bit. But I am slowly getting back into it and dare I say starting to enjoy a few of the runs again. But the wet weather is not making it easy.


 So if anyone would fancy being a running partner or going on a few runs with me that would be great. I am following a training plan set by the NSCPCC for beginner marathon runners, and have set myself 3 goals for the next three weeks: 

1. Complete 10km once a week 

2. Complete a 75 min run 

3. Run 13km  


I'm also going to talk how to keep myself from getting injured and how I am getting on/ feeling in general. 


I will also be offering sports massages/ short Physio assessments/treatments on a Saturday after the 10am class to help raise money for sponsorship. 

To sponsor me please go HERE. All and every donation is really appreciated. 


Hope you enjoy reading this about my journey to running the marathon 


Jess "

‘’I dare you to train for a marathon, and not have it change your life’’ – Susan Sidoriak

I’ve entered the ballot to gain a place in the London Marathon for the last three years now but never succeeded. However, this year is different, and I have finally secured a place to run for the Macmillan Cancer Support group in the London Marathon 2016 - in memory of my cousin who I lost in July 2015 to cervical cancer.


Running has never been a strong point of mine, completing a couple of half marathons over the last few years but nothing I took too serious. However, anyone that knows me, knows that I love a challenge and 26.2 miles certainly is one - whilst also raising money for a charity close to a lot of people’s hearts in one way or another.   


After being accepted in early October I just stuck to my normal weekly training routine which mainly consisted of going to HG3 Fitness three times a week, one 5-6 mile run and hot Yoga – keeping up my strength and fitness up whilst starting to gain some miles on the ground.


Now the 16 week countdown to the Marathon has hit (and the nerves), I am now trying to follow and stick to a ‘First Timer Marathon Plan’. The first couple of weeks consist of building up a base of easy running and time on the feet without fatigue whilst also finding a routine.  I’m currently running two short runs a week, HG3 Strength training one to two times a week and a long run of about 9-10 miles on a weekend. Now we’ve hit the darker months, motivation can lack on the dark, cold, wet mornings but if I want to get over that finish line in one piece, it has to be done and all for a good cause.


I had come across Susan Sidoriaks quote‘’I dare you to train for a marathon, and not have it change your life’’ a few times on Instagram before I had started training and I wasn’t so sure it really would change my life. However, now I have started my full training plan I can confirm that it certainly does change it and for the better (I think) – it’s all you think about!


As well as my training, I’ve cut back on the alcohol (I do usually love a glass of wine/bottle on a weekend) and got my nutrition on track (with the help of HG3 Fitness) to ensure I am fuelling my body enough with the right kind of foods to cope with the amount of miles I am going to be covering of the next few months – something that I’m still getting used to but I am certainly feeling better for it.  


My focus for the next month or so it to prepare for Harwood Half Marathon at the end of February which I want to complete in 2 hours or under and then it will be a case of upping the miles the following 6 weeks to around 20-22 miles.


I will let you know how I get on! 


Steph Thirkill 


To sponsor Steph please go to her Just Giving Page HERE and donate to a great cause. 


Positive Changes Come From Within.


By Sophie Lancaster

'Psychologists will tell you that behaviour and habits can be changed in three weeks; I'm skeptical but very willing to give it a go as I know I need to sort myself out!! I am writing this whilst eating my last bowl of Coco Pops (my dinner) for 6 weeks. Goodbye dear ones, I don't know how I'm going to cope without you and your crispy, chocolatey goodness...


So, I signed up to HG3 Fitness to do the 6 week beginners course. My goals were to get moving again after a knee op, learn more about what I should be eating and to get myself into a better place, both physically and mentally. 


After the induction meeting with the lovely Pete the time had come to actually start changing things! My fiancé was doing the course with me so our first step involved a trip to the supermarket. We stocked up on fresh fruit, veg, meat and some weird looking/sounding things that I was told were good for me. The jury's out… To go with this, I bought us a smoothie maker/blender. Breakfast for the next 6 weeks would be smoothies, dinner would be meat, veg and more veg. Pete told us preparation is key, he wasn't lying!


The gym sessions at the beginning weren't as hard as I had expected but then it was mostly technique... That didn't last long!! Every session was different, I never ever found myself getting bored (and I bore easily) and having that team atmosphere around you made it feel more like a sport than a "trip to the gym". That was a massive benefit for me, who really likes to work out on their own?! 


After a fortnight we were both hitting our stride, we didn't have to think about the food we were eating as much, nor did we have to keep checking our folders to see if we were ‘allowed’ something. Shopping was much easier too and I might even say I was enjoying my smoothies!? 


Week 3 was most certainly the hardest. I did have a little triumph - I could wiggle my skinny jeans off without undoing the button and fly (boom!). However, the whole thing wasn't as "new" anymore so it had lost its appeal, even the ladies in the cafe at work stopped asking about this diet I had been complaining about (sorry Pete). I may have slightly overdone my 80/20 rule that week too, plus there may have been an incident involving alcohol and sick... All in all, not great. Luckily, we did the halfway measurements at the end of that week and seeing the positive results was the kick up the bum I needed! It's in these times I think you need to ask for support from your group. Our little Facebook comments to each other, recipe sharing, weight loss stories always seemed to spur others on. There really was a feeling of team spirit! 


By the end of week 4 it occurred to me that our dietary habits had changed hugely. I wasn't even craving Coco Pops?! Furthermore my skin looked amazing, I had bought new jeans a size smaller (yeahhhh!), I had tons more energy and I was being a lot more productive at work. Who wouldn't want that?


By now the classes at the gym were stepping up in intensity. We were adding in some weights and the workouts were getting longer and more challenging. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in a morning with sore muscles! I was in a really positive frame of mind and I even found myself hoovering the house at 10pm on a weekday. The old me would never have done that. I just had So. Much. Energy!!!!


At the end of the course we repeated the workout from the very first session. I knocked a minute and a half off my time, so something must have worked over the 6 weeks! I was fearful that I might fall back into old habits after the course. Granted I had a binge of all the things I had missed - white bread, pizza, CAKE - but then I got back on track. The weight is still coming off me now, I’m eating the right food and I will be joining the gym after my holiday next week to keep myself moving in this positive direction. 


In the sense of "you are what you eat", I would have been described as a chocolate rice ball six weeks ago; now I'm most certainly an avocado. I'll tell you something though, I feel bloody fantastic. 


UPDATE: it's now been 4 weeks since the course ended and I've still not had any Coco Pops. Well done, Pete, I honestly didn't think it could be done!! '

HG3 Mobility Class

Over the last few months we have seen more and more people taking mobility seriously and taking more time to stretch and mobilise. We have been getting a good few questions about what works best for which movements so we thought we would help out. 

We are going to start a Mobility class on a Sunday morning at 9am. This class will work on different movements over time and will focus on one movement for two to three weeks in a row. This will help you understand which stretches help the most and so you can benefit from them on a regular basis. We will also be looking at the programming for the week ahead and stretching to benefit the sessions coming up. 

Each session will be led and planned so all you have to do is turn up and get involved. We will use static, dynamic and banded stretching, trigger point work and also relaxation techniques during each session. There will be an emphasis on breathing and time in each position and you will learn how to control each stretch to gain the most from it. 

The sessions will benefit anyone and any ability levels. We also want to open it up to non HG3 members. If you know of anyone who needs help with mobility, please do let us know. 

We hope to be able to add in a second class a week if the demand is there for it. 

Booking can be done through team up and will be £3.50 per session. Each session will be limited to 10 people so we can make sure you are being guided and led though the session. 

If you have any questions please do let us know and we will be happy to help.

The first session will be held on Sunday the 22nd of March at 9am.

Get booking yourself on guys.


Everyone loves coffee.... but do you know the story behind the bean?


Understanding and appreciating your cup of coffee.


For me the main focus of this year’s Primal Challenge is understanding where our produce comes from; whether it’s meat from a local butcher, fruit and veg from the grocer round the corner, or coffee from Kenya (well it’s not that local but coffee is a tropical plant so it’s as about as close as you're getting). 


Everyone these days likes to drink their coffee differently and I understand that taste is subjective. We all prefer something slightly different right? This may be the case when it comes to flavour, but the quality of the coffee definitely isn’t subjective. This little piece should hopefully give you a bit of a better understanding of why you should buy freshly roasted coffee from a roastery near you over instant coffee.


The majority of us are doing this challenge to improve our health in the long run, but both instant and freshly brewed coffee have pros and cons regarding health benefits so don’t, get too hung up on that. However quality wise there is a huge difference, so that is why i want to give you a better understanding of how to buy your coffee.


It saddens me to say this, but over 70% of brits still drink instant coffee and there really isn't a great deal to say about it. I understand that it’s quick, easy and mess free, but the traceability and ethics surrounding it are non-existent and this is something that is hugely important to us. Take a jar of instant coffee for example. Turn it round and look at what farm it comes from? How was it processed? When was it roasted? You can’t because this kind of information just isn’t accessible with instant coffee. Automatically I personally wouldn’t want to drink this even if someone told me it was the best coffee they had ever tasted, there is just no understanding of the product and its origins.


This leads me on nicely to start explaining a little bit about what we do at North Star and how we operate, which is very similar to the way the vast majority of speciality coffee roasters work. We work with a company a few doors down from HG3 called Falcon Speciality and they are a speciality green coffee importers. They place great importance on ethics and sustainable trading and this is something that is also very important to us here at North Star. 


Coffee is a commodity and is actually the second largest traded commodity after oil, would you believe. As a commodity, coffee is usually traded on the New York stock market which just doesn't give farmers the guarantee of receiving the money that they should do for the quality of the crop they have produced. Falcon however, trade outside of the commodities market directly with each farm to set a price that is far higher than what they would achieve on the market and is above and beyond the price of the Fairtrade premium. Every farmer is treated differently because every farmer incurs different costs throughout the production period. Most smallholder farmers might only own one hectare of land to grow coffee and will also grow other crops and sometimes keep animals such as cows. In other countries they could have hundreds of hectares of land just for growing coffee, with electronically operated machines which reduce the costs of labour significantly.


We work very closely with Falcon Speciality which allows us to understand the supply chain in more detail and this allows us to be transparent with our customers. This information can then be passed onto the final consumer by coffee shop owners and baristas. We want people to understand the origin the coffee comes from, the exact farm or cooperative it’s grown on, the owner of the farms name, the way the coffee was processed, the varietal and the altitude it’s been grown at. All these factors give people a chance to brew and experience better quality coffees and make them understand that they are making a difference to people’s lives on a daily basis, even if they don't see it directly. We are currently the only speciality coffee roastery in Leeds and in comparison there are over 70 in London. It’s been quite difficult to reach out to everyone about the benefits of buying speciality coffee, but as more roasters spring up in the North I’m sure this will become easier. It is a long process and over time it will slowly happen, but in the meantime try and avoid instant coffee and get asking questions at your local coffee shop!


I don't want to ramble on too much so if you have any more questions then feel free to email us at hello@ We do plan on having a coffee day down at the rosary soon so that you can get a better insight in what we do and also give you the chance to brew much better coffee at home. Please keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for this. 


Ellis Hall

A Brief Guide To Supplementation


There’s lots of talk about supplementation when it comes to health and fitness.  Social media posts and blogs are a regular occurrence about the ‘next big thing’ and it’s hard to know what’s really going to work and what’s a big marketing campaign, wrapped up in bro science to make you believe that you really need that new product!


We always try to advocat a ‘nutrition first’ approach to people’s health and we’d love it if everybody got what they really need from the daily diet.  In practice, that’s not always possible.  Quality of food, personal preferences (not everyone likes broccoli!) and individual requirements means that trying to consume enough of the right food is sometimes difficult.


PurePharma has looked at the average western lifestyle and put together a range of products that addresses the key deficiencies that are widely common.  These deficiencies are:


Omega 3


Vitamin D3


Essential minerals including magnesium and zinc


Don’t just take our word for it; click the link to read about how each of these vital nutrients can impact your lifestyle, training and wellbeing.


PurePharma is offering all HG3 members 10% of their order to help you get through the Primal Challenge!  Head to to check out the products and order through the online store.  When you get to the checkout, use code HG3Primal10 for 10% of your order!


If you’d like to talk about anything to do with supplements then please give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help!





Hydration is a key part of nutrition and performance. It is essential that we are hydrated correctly so the body has enough water to function and our internal organs can work well. However, over hydration is also an important factor to consider. 


So in researching for this particular email I came across some really interesting information and some great opinions. Two articles of many that I read stood out. They can be found here and here. They both provide some really interesting information, thought provoking opinion and are also backed up with some good research. They also go against most of what we are told by the government and many health professionals out there. 


In brief, (get reading them yourself), they suggest that the 8 cups of water (2 litres) a day is something that came about in the 1940’s and was a result of a  series of studies after which the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine decided that the “RDA” for water should be roughly 1 ml per calorie consumed.


Now this has been the message that we have been delivering for many years, as health professionals and as general public. We seem to believe what we are told in many cases and simply go along with it. Here’s a question for you, and it came from the articles I read…. Do you see a dog or cat or animal of any sort walking around with a little water bottle? Well, no you don’t. That would really freak you out! So why do we? Have a think about it. 


So why have we been told this? Looking around again it seems that the message has been slightly mislead by the wording of it. Drink 2 litres of water a day would make you think you need to physically DRINK that amount a day…. wouldn’t it? But hold on, we get water from all aspects of our diet. Our meat, fruit and veg (these both contain a lot of water), tea, coffee, fruit juices, milk etc. But do we account for this? I doubt it. 


Those 2 litres are a suggestion of the TOTAL amount of water that we should be consuming per day, NOT EXTRA. If we start taking in an extra 2 litres of water a day, this can lead to many health risks such as Hyponatremia. When you drink a lot of water, the ratio of sodium and fluid in your body becomes skewed. The imbalance causes cells to swell. While systemic cells can handle some degree of swelling, the cells in your brain cannot. Consequently, hyponatremia may result in some neurological problems. Now before you get worried I’m not saying we are all going to get Hyponatremia. This only occurs in serious cases of over hydration. I just wanted you to know. 


Each persons hydration levels can vary due to exercise levels, amount of perspiration, humidity etc etc but we need to be aware of where we can get water from. 


Now you are eating a better and more varied, balanced and nutritious diet you should be getting a lot more water in. Have a think about whether you have needed more or less water over the last week. What I would suggest is to track it and see how you feel. I personally feel that adding a glass of water with meals to aid digestion is never a bad way to go. 


So am I telling you not to drink more water? No, I’m telling you to consider all the ways we can get water in, if you feel thirsty then drink a bit more but don’t overdo it but smashing an extra 2 litres a day. You will just be on the toilet all day!!! 

The Titans Tour - Train With World Class Athletes


This week (Tuesday 10th Feb) we are privileged to have two World Class Olympic Lifters coming to train at HG3 from 4pm to 7.30pm. All are welcome to come along and get involved or just come down for a cup of coffee. Below is a great article we had featured in the Harrogate Advertiser.

They will be doing a training master class and coaching all those that come along. Finishing of with a Clean and Jerk and Snatch Ladder, it is sure to be a great event. So far Sonny has reached 180kg in his Clean and Jerk ladder! Can he get more? Come and see for yourself. 



British weightlifters visit CrossFit HG3 on their UK charity tour.


Health and fitness fans can find out exactly what it takes to become an Olympic or Commonwealth Games athlete, when two of the UK’s most talented weightlifters visit Harrogate’s CrossFit HG3 on 10th February 2015.


Gareth Evans (2012 Olympian) and Sonny Webster (Commonwealth Games athlete) will visit Harrogate on their UK Titan’s Tour, which takes them to 16 different gyms on 16 consecutive days. The event is open to all, regardless of ability. The aim is to reach as many people as possible, providing a fun and informative evening, whilst raising money for a good cause.


The athletes will demonstrate each of the movements, attempt record-breaking lifts, and provide an insight into a typical training session for athletes at their level. They will also hold a Weightlifting Masterclass, which will give those who want to get involved an opportunity to learn from some of the best UK athletes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.


All proceeds from the event will go to Help for Heroes, with a £5 minimum donation required in exchange for entry. Throughout the evening, experienced British weightlifting coaches will be available to provide assistance and answer any questions.


“This is a great opportunity to meet and train with these outstanding athletes, whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran,” says Andy Ruddick, co-owner of CrossFit HG3, “we’re delighted to be involved in this event, supporting such an amazing charity.”


Andy and his business partner, Pete Davis, are keen to demonstrate the sport is for everyone, not just Olympians and Commonwealth Games athletes. “These opportunities don’t come up very often,” adds Pete, “it’s a chance for experienced lifters to find out what it takes to get to the top, and for those with no experience to see what it’s all about.”


The Titan’s Tour lands in Harrogate on Tuesday 10th February, between 4pm and 7:30pm, at CrossFit HG3 in Pannal. For more information, visit the website

Friday Nights with Jamie Fieldhouse. 

As some of you will have noticed we have had Jamie Fieldhouse in the gym for a few weeks. We have known Jamie for a long time and he has recently moved back to Harrogate. After coaching for 2 years at CrossFit CM2 in Cheltenham and having competed in numerous CrossFit competitions, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We asked him when he moved back if he would like to coach and he was happy to come on board as part of the team. Jamie will be taking Friday nights for the forceable future. 

A little about Jamie is below for you. If you haven't seen him yet.... he is the one with the great beard!! 


  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Age: 26
  • Clean and Jerk: 105kg
  • Snatch: 77.5kg
  • Back Squat: 140kg x 4
  • Front Squat: 120kg x 4
  • Dead lift: 160kg x 6
  • Helen: 7:56
  • Fran: 4:02
  • Grace: 2:51

Before I got into CrossFit my sports background was fairly limited. At school I played rugby in the b’s (mainly for the crack) and was always a good runner and swimmer. I have always been active; I used to ride BMX, surf, sail and skateboard – chasing that ‘buzz’ of adrenaline – but never really got into weight training or conditioning. When I approached 25 I realised that I needed to get into better shape sooner rather than later and was introduced to CrossFit through Debs and Rob at CrossFit CM2. Not having done much strength training proved to be a double-sided coin; my strength numbers weren’t great to begin with but this forced me to focus on technique in order to get the weight up (rather than relying on muscling it!) which has benefitted me massively in the long run. It also meant that I haven’t been hindered by years of not mobilising properly after training – something I now love to help people fix. The CrossFit methodology fits brilliantly with what I wanted: to become a better, stronger, healthier and well rounded individual and provided me with the knowledge of how to move well, competition to drive intensity and community to enjoy it with – as well as the buzz of adrenaline after!

HG3 Primal Challenge 2015


The time is upon us for the fourth year of the HG3 Primal Challenge, formerly known as the Paleo Challenge.  In the past we have seen incredible results and been amazed by the serious changes to each and every person that has taken part. Big changes have taken place each time we run the challenge, developing new, better, healthier habits.


So what is the HG3 Primal Challenge?

It’s simple, the challenge is to eat clean, unprocessed foods, no sugar, little starch, no alcohol and no unnatural supplements or stimulants for 28 days! That should be easy right? In theory it is, but in practice, for some, it can be tough; well it wouldn't be a challenge if it were easy. Don’t worry though, we are going to guide and support you through every step of the way. 

So why should I eat Primal for 28 days?

Going Primal, for 28 days, will help reset the body to its natural levels. By this we mean that it will help take the body away from an inflammatory state (eating processed foods inflames organs and our bodies) and take you into an anti inflammatory one. It will also help to calm your central nervous system and have a positive effect on your hormones.

Other benefits include

  • Decrease in body fat
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Improved athletic performance 

OK, so what will I learn about food?

Within the 28 days you will learn to ask the three most important questions about food and know how to answer them. 

  1. What to eat? Types of foods, quality and where to source them from
  2. How much to eat? Portion control at each meal and how it varies from person to person
  3. Why should I eat this food? The benefits of good quality, nutritious, delicious food and the results you can expect to see. 

We want you to know what changes you are making to your eating and why. You will have the opportunity to attend a presentation at the start of the challenge and one at the end to go over how to move on from here. One thing we learnt from last year was that the portion sizes for each person varied so much. You will be given an easy method to help understand how much you should be eating and how to portion proteins, fats and carbs for each meal. There is a big difference between 50g of rice and 50g of broccoli!! 

You will change your energy levels, sleep consistency, be happier, improve your work capacity and much more. You will find out how good you can feel by making simple changes. 

So when is the challenge?

The HG3 Primal Challenge will run from the 1st of Feb to the 1st of March. Only 28 days! Easy. We will have the weigh in and measure before the challenge so you can all see the changes in just a month. We will have the HG3 Primal Challenge Workout at the start and at the end of the challenge to see how food can improve your performance.  

The Primal Presentation will be on Tuesday the 27th January at 7pm with the evening class proceeding it at 6pm. It will last about 30 minutes followed by questions. 

How do I get involved?

All you need to do to register is to click the link bellow. The cost is £10 per person and there will be prizes for the male and female winners.  

What happens after the challenge?

As a celebration, after completing the challenge, we will be arranging a meal, a chance to enjoy some amazing food and a trip to the Turkish Baths. 

Take the first step to a healthier, more energetic you. Click below to book your place. Don't miss out!