Not all gyms are equal...


Join HG3 Fitness to change the way you think, eat, sleep and train.


HG3 is a results driven gym that promotes a positive environment. We believe in focusing on form and function first, only then adding load and intensity to create strength and fitness in a perfect balance. In doing this we help people to lose fat, build lean useful muscle, understand the body and how to most efficiently and effectively use it. We unlock your potential and take you to a place you never thought possible. You will be more confident, stronger, fitter and more grounded than ever before.

Patient, professional, inspirational.
— Mark Haveron
Discover that you can do more than you ever thought
— Kevin Fullwood
The biggest thing for me is the support.
— Jess Large
Huge positive impacts on my everyday life
— Kati Tyler




How do I get involved ?


At HG3 Fitness we pride ourselves on the highest levels of coaching, support and programming. We publish our workouts in advance weekly.